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content discovered on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 in childhood, drama, education, lincoln plaza cinema, sociology and politics, trends, visual art

Whiplashseen @ Lincoln Plaza Cinema, New York NY10.12.14I was thirteen years old when I entered high school and took the freshman drawing class. I majored in art, you see, and it was my specialized course of study throughout high school. The teacher I had, to quote the Eagles, had a nasty reputation as a cruel dude. He was this middle-aged sourpuss of an instructor whom everyone dreaded. He was acerbic, bitterly sarcastic and merciless. In his class, everything had to be done his way if you expected any ...

Nosotros amamos Ricardo Montalban

content discovered on Saturday, October 11, 2014 in acting, blog a thons, movie stars, race, television

Hollywood's Hispanic Heritage Blogathones un evento dedicado a celebrar los logros de los latinos en la industria del cine a lo largo de la historia, organizado por Once Upon a Screen y Movie Star Makeover. Para obtener una lista de bloggers que participan, por favor visite los enlaces en cualquier sitio."My dear guests, I am Mr. Roarke, your host. Welcome to Fantasy Island!"And with a beverage raised in salute, the mysterious yet charismatic host played by Ricardo Montalban welcomed television viewers e...

Gone Girl

content discovered on Friday, October 10, 2014 in gender, sociology and politics, suspense, world events

Gone Girlseen @ Jamaica Multiplex Cinemas, Jamaica NY10.7.14 SPOILERS Can't talk about this movie without them. Sorry.In the old war-of-the-sexes comedy Adam's Rib, Katharine Hepburn's lawyer character gets a jury to acquit a woman who shot her husband in a crime of passion after discovering him with another woman. She does it out of a conviction that if men can get away with this sort of thing, then so can women, and that they should be treated just as equally as men in a case like this. Spencer Tracy...

The Devil's Rain

content discovered on Saturday, October 04, 2014 in acting, childhood, horror, movie stars, philosophy and religion, trends

The O Canada Blogathon is an event devoted to Canadian actors and films, hosted by Speakeasy and Silver Screenings. For a list of participating bloggers, visit the links at either site.The Devil's Rainseen online via YouTubeThe first impression most people have of him is that acting style of his. It defined his most popular role when he was young and in his prime: a kind of stop-and-start cadence in which he'd carefully punctuate... certain...words, andthenspeedup! In that sense, he was a bit of a throwb...

The unexpected virtue of linkage

content discovered on Wednesday, October 01, 2014 in bloggers and critics, education, movie industry, silent films, world events, writing

So there's this local literary magazine called Newtown Literary. It's still relatively new, but it's already built a bit of a rep for attracting Queens writers for short stories and poetry. The theme for their next issue is sci-fi/fantasy.Guess who's gonna be in it.Yep! I had had my eye on getting in the mag before, possibly by submitting a piece from WSW, but they only take original, unpublished work (a post on a blog counts as being published), so what I did was, I crafted a short story loosely inspire...

Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain seen @ Landmark Loew's Jersey Theater, Jersey City, NJ 9.27.14And now, five things I thought about while watching Singin' in the Rain:1. There's just something about musicals. When they're done right, that is. I don't seek them out, most of the time. It's not like I'm crazy for them or anything, but the best of them have a way of making you just feel good about life, as silly as that may sound. And while there are modern musicals that I adore, such as Dreamgirls and Hedwig and the A...

The Drop

content discovered on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 in crime drama, friends, movie makers, movie stars

The Dropseen @ Kew Gardens Cinemas, Kew Gardens, Queens, NY9.23.14This post on the movie The Drop goes out to my pal Page, who, as I discovered last week, is a big Tom Hardy fan.[audience]"Hooooow biiiiig IS she?"[/audience]She's such a big Tom Hardy fan she sat through This Means War. The movie that made him swear off rom-coms forever. And can you blame him?Anyway, Page compared him to Paul Newman. She saw Locke earlier this year - really wish I saw that one - but she says it was boring. Also, she wants...

'Wrong man' of Hitch film to be feted

content discovered on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 in neighborhoods, world events

Henry Fonda as Manny Balestrero in 'The Wrong Man'The man who inspired theAlfred Hitchcocksuspense film “The Wrong Man”will have a street co-named for him in the neighborhood that served as the backdrop for the classic 1956 flick.Manny Balestrero, an Elmhurst father, husband and musician who was cast into the spotlight after he was falsely accused of a robbery in 1953, will be honored with Manny “The Wrong Man” Balestrero Way at 73rd Street and 41st Avenue.According to Balestrero’s youngest son Greg, the...

The Learning Tree

content discovered on Sunday, September 21, 2014 in drama, movie makers, race, sociology and politics

The Learning Treeseen on TV @ TCM9.18.14The Learning Tree was the first studio movie from a black director, Gordon Parks Sr., and it's not bad. It's kinda treacly in places, and the acting is what I would call earnest - meaning it feels like the actors, especially the two young male leads, are trying very hard to act instead of just be - but at the same time the film comes across as quite sincere and authentic as well.What I wanna talk about is the climax, which presented a fascinating moral dilemma, so,...

Play it again, Sam (and again and again)

content discovered on Thursday, September 18, 2014 in big ideas, fandom, lists and compilations, movie industry, sociology and politics, trends

...Going back to the same pop-culture fare for seconds, thirds, and thirtieths isn't so abnormal. If anything, my re-consumption habits are tame compared to some of you, who have havereadHarry Pottermore than 10 times,watchedFridaymore than 100 times, and spent more of your waking life withThe West Wingthan Aaron Sorkin. Musicologists estimate that for every hour of music-listening in the typical person's lifetime, 54 minutes are spent with songs we've already heard. Forget the next big thing. We're all ...

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