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Life Itself

content discovered on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 in bloggers and critics, documentary

Life Itselfseen @ Walter Reade Theater, Film Society of Lincoln Center, New York NY7.22.14I've tried, but I'm finding it difficult to express the admiration I feel for the film version of Life Itself. Laughter and sadness in near-equal parts. A shockingly explicit inside look at Roger Ebert's final days that will make you better appreciate what he went through. A picture of courage, dignity and pure, unadulterated love in Chaz Ebert. A portrait of the late film critic that doesn't shy away from the not-s...

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Dawn of the Planet of the Apesseen @ Movieworld, Douglaston, NY7.15.14So you wanna be a leader, do you?Understandable. When you're a leader, you're the star of the show. You're the one who gets to sit in the captain's chair. Everything that happens revolves around you. What you say goes and everyone has to listen to you because they all know you're the smartest, the bravest, the strongest. And they'll follow you into hell if you say so because they believe in you.You better make sure you read the fine pr...

He Who Gets Slapped

content discovered on Monday, July 14, 2014 in books, classic cinema, comedy, drama, friends, movie makers, movie stars, music, outdoor venues, silent films, television

He Who Gets Slappedseen @ Celebrate Brooklyn, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY7.12.14There's a Batman graphic novella called The Killing Joke, written by Watchmen scribe Alan Moore, which tells, in flashback, what may or may not be the origin of the Joker. (It was an influence on the screenplay for the movie The Dark Knight.)In the main story, the Joker tries to drive Batman and Commissioner Gordon as insane as he is, and the point he attempts to make in the process is that it only takes one bad day to send a...

Duck Soup

content discovered on Saturday, July 12, 2014 in classic cinema, comedy, movie makers, movie stars, musical, outdoor venues

Duck Soupseen @ "Movies With a View" @ Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, NY7.10.14I hadn't seen Duck Soup in awhile, and what jumped out at me as I watched it last night was how uncharacteristic it looked for a 30s movie. Director Leo McCarey, who would go on to helm a number of other all-timers, including The Awful Truth, Going My Way and An Affair to Remember, engages in some lively - for 1933 - camerawork and editing.Duck Soup is, of course, the hilarious Marx Brothers film in which they take over a fic...

Books: Three Fingers

content discovered on Tuesday, July 08, 2014 in animation, blog a thons, books, visual art

The 2014 Summer Reading Classic Film Book Challenge is an event in which the goal is to read and write about a variety of books related to classic film, hosted by Out of the Past. For a complete list of the rules,visit the website.The film Who Framed Roger Rabbit imagined a world in which beloved cartoon characters from the past co-existed side by side with humans. Cartoons had appeared with humans for scenes in films before - Tom Jerry in MGM musicals, for example - but Roger took it to the next level ...

PG should not equal inferior

content discovered on Monday, July 07, 2014 in movie industry, ratings

Last week a debate broke out as to whether or not to abolish the PG-13 rating, a result of a PG-13 being given to the upcoming Expendables 3. I tend to think that all MPAA ratings are useless and inaccurate and should be done away with, but that's not what I want to address. Amidst the debate, I noticed something that was taken for granted on both sides. On the pro-abolish side:...So here's what we do. We lobby to eliminate PG-13. What this does is force the MPAA to look at content differently....Instead...

Independence Day (1996)

content discovered on Friday, July 04, 2014 in action adventure, beyond nyc, jobs, movie stars, science fiction

Independence Day (1996)first seen in South Hadley, MAsummer 1996South Hadley, Massachusetts is an itty-bitty town with a population of 17,514, first settled in 1725. Now, I got that from the town's webpage and from Wikipedia. I wish I could tell you stuff about the town that you wouldn't find online, but I can't, because when I went to South Hadley, I wasn't terribly interested in the rest of the place at the time. All I saw of it was a strip mall that looked like it was in the middle of nowhere... but t...

Planet of the links

The ongoing struggle over control of the Loew's Jersey Theater has taken a turn for the worst: last week, Jersey City mayor Steve Fulop decided on a promoter to run the theater, and taxpayers are gonna foot most of the bill for renovations, surprise surprise. In a statement, Friends of the Loews continues to maintain that if only Jersey City had lived up to its end of the bargain it made with FoL to fund renovations (for a smaller amount than what the taxpayers are getting shafted with), none of this wou...

The Spoiler Experiment pt. 3: observations

content discovered on Monday, June 16, 2014 in big ideas, fandom, movie industry, movie makers, social media, television

Part 1: Draft Day Part 2: Million Dollar Armthe post that inspired this experimentSo after watching both Draft Day and Million Dollar Arm under the unusual (for me) conditions I set out - watching the former without spoilers and the latter with them - I feel like the results weren't that surprising. I thought both films were enjoyable enough. They both achieved what they set out to do. They were entertaining without being terribly challenging, and to my mind, at least, neither one was quite as mediocr...

The Spoiler Experiment pt. 2: Million Dollar Arm

content discovered on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 in audiences, big ideas, race, sociology and politics, sports drama

Spoiler Experiment pt. 1: Draft DayMillion Dollar Armseen @ Jamaica Multiplex Cinemas, Jamaica NY5.20.14I first watched the trailer for Million Dollar Arm sometime in late January/early February, and while I knew this movie would serve well as the "spoiler" movie in my Spoiler Experiment - i.e., the movie I'd learn everything about in advance - I have to admit it didn't exactly excite me.Like my "blind" movie, Draft Day - the one I went into knowing almost nothing about - it's about a middle-aged sports ...


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