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healthy food recipes. honeyed grapefruit brulee

content discovered on Sunday, April 13, 2014

Привіт усім, хто мене читає!) Цієї неділі в мене для вас надзвичайно смачний та простий рецепт корисного снеку. Обов'язково спробуйте та не забудьте поділитись враженнями зі мною! Що нам потрібно:1 великий грейпфрут2ч.л. медудрібка меленої корицідрібка морської соліНагрійте духовку до 180 градусів. Розріжте грейпфрут навпіл, обидві половинки змажте медом, посипте корицею та сіллю. Поставте на деко, запікайте 10-15хв до коричнуватого відтінку. Насолоджуйтесь теплим, смачного!) healthy food. juicing r... read more »

Stay Young in the Sun with Belo SunExpert!

content discovered on Saturday, April 12, 2014

I looove going to beach! Although I don’t think I can call myself a beach bum or a beachcomber, I make it a point to at least once a year to visit the beach. It has been my goal to explore the beaches around the Philippines before I journey outside of our country, especially that I know that our beaches can always go hand in hand with other world renowned beaches abroad. Plus touring our own will help boost our local tourism. And I always make sure that my skin is protected from the harmful effects of t... read more »

Nailart / 30

content discovered on Saturday, April 12, 2014

Із запізненням цього тижня опубліковую ідеї манікюру, за що просто мусите мене вибачити!) Який відтінок став must have для вас цієї весни? Якій формі нігтя ви надаєте перевагу? Дайте знати в коментах внизу і не забудьте ділитись своїми ідеями манікюру зі мною в улюблених соц мережах! Бажаю вам хороших вихідних, нехай на ваш настрій не впливає похмура погода за вікном! :* Nailart / 29 read more »

Chanel Perfume Bottle iPhone Case

content discovered on Friday, April 11, 2014

iPhone Case from LindieSs VS Qoo10 Chanel Perfume Bottle iPhone Cases in TransparentQoo10 (left) VS LindieSs (right) Hey guys! I am so so excited to share with you my detailed video review of the iPhone cases modelled after Chanel's flagship Perfume No. 5 Bottle!I initially ordered the iPhone case from Qoo10 due to its cheap pricing.. However, after seeing the one sold in LindieSs' Online Shop, I have decided to order hers to see what is the difference since she claimed that her quality is much more... read more »

Review dei prodotti di World of Beauty.

content discovered on Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ciao stelline oggi vi tornerò a parlare di World of beauty , chi non avesse letto il mio articolo , potete tranquillamente leggerlo andando qua, ho avuto l'onore di poter continuare la collaborazione , intrapresa a novembre, oggi vi mostrerò la reviwev di alcuni prodotti. World of beauty èun brand Made in Italy che promuove prodotti cosmetici,cosmeceutici e minerali destinati ai centri estetici e alle SPA,quindi decisamente professionali. World of beauty è diventata presto leader nel settore, tanto da... read more »

Look Your Easter Best With Spring Fashion From ...

content discovered on Thursday, April 10, 2014

Have a Magical Easter! During this holiday, don't just leave the bright colors and fresh patterns of this Spring Season’s fashion to the Easter eggs. We love the Easter holiday because of its fabulous display of Spring colors and both represent renewal, rejuvenation, resurrection and regrowth. SheInside regularly updates their collection of clothes and it seems like it’s always Spring and/or Easter for this well-known online store! Embrace Spring and put a hop in your bunny steps with these Easter holi... read more »

Biosline, lo spirito di un'azienda familiare it...

content discovered on Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Ciao stelline oggi vi parlerò di Biolineun’azienda di Torino a condizione familiare, fortemente caratterizzata dalla personalità di chi la conduce, per definizione.Tutte le relazioni della filiera sono condizionate da questo modus vivendi. L’impronta che la famiglia Corradini imprime a BIOLINE è la risultante di più fattori: natura delle sue origini, collocazione territoriale, cultura del benessere, che la rendono unica e inimitabile nel suo genere. Per questo Bioline rappresenta un piccolo patrimonio da... read more »

Puerto Princesa Travel Diary: What I Wore #1

content discovered on Wednesday, April 09, 2014

If you don't know it yet, I love to dress up and I love anything pretty and trendy. Planning what I'll wear for work and for special events has always been a natural instinct. Our travel to Puerto Princesa was of course not spared.I won in two blog contests giving me enough store credits to purchase new clothes to be added to my wardrobe. Receiving these gifts/blessings was just right in time before our Puerto Princesa trip and just before I attend a friend's wedding. The packages also came a week before... read more »

Korean BB Creams I Want To Try

content discovered on Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Three Korean BB Creams i want to try. I've had these in my watch list for quite a while now. I love Etude House products but I've haven't got around to trying their BB creams yet. Soon i will and I'll start with their Precious Mineral BB Cream. Over all this seams like just a normal nice BB cream to use and it isn't too expensive. It's also supposed to include seaweed, that's interesting. Next i want to try the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream. Ever since i started using BB creams this is one I've always ... read more »

makeup idols / 2

content discovered on Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Привіт усім! Загучна назва ідоли, - в мене такого поняття немає.. Скоріше це найкращі візажистки, makeup гуру і саме це в мене поняття 'ідол' тут. Отже, до справи!) Я писала практично про кожну з них окремо, тому що відкривала їх для себе напротязі свого блогерського та повсякденного життя. У цій публікації покажу мої top 5 та їхні недавні makeup looks.KatOsu(клік) Makeup by Alli Maxineczka(клік) Lauren Curtis MissMaven(клік) My favourite youtubers top 10 blogs to follow top 10 blogs to follo... read more »

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