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Recent blog posts on beauty

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Cut Your Own Bangs

content discovered on Monday, November 10, 2014

Cut Your Own Bangs by thatsabangoutoforder on Polyvore Fashion Mid-Length Straight Sleek Haircut Front Straight Bang...wigsu.com read more »

[NEW IN] My Sheinside Pre-Sale Collective Haul ...

content discovered on Monday, November 10, 2014

And I'm back with my Sheinside.com Pre-Sale Haul! Well, two of these items are not part of the Presale collection but I purschased them after winning a gift card from Sheinside's Facebook page contest. I loooove joining contests online, even if I don't win I don't get to be a sour loser and I still keep on joining. I have won several online contests already, I guess that comes with being a frequent social media user. Not only that I get to blog, I also get to know/follow about other blogs as well. I also... read more »


content discovered on Sunday, November 09, 2014

Glazed Apple Bath Jelly-£10.00 c/o The Bodyshop Glazed Apple Shimmer Lotion-£8.00 Glazed Apple Home Fragrance Oil-£4.00 Glazed Apple Lip Gloss-£7.00 Glazed Apple Body Room Spray-£7.00 Glazed Apple Lip Balm-£4.00 Glazed Apple Hand Cream-£3.50 Glazed Apple Body Butter-£13.00 Glazed Apple Soap-£2.50 Glazed Apple Bath Sprinkles-£7.00 Glazed Apple Shower Gel-£4.00 Glazed Apple Body Polish-£10.00 Glazed Apple Sparkler-£15.00 Glazed Apple Eau De Toilette-£8.50 You know the other weekend I was taking a stroll... read more »

Ciracle launch its Pimple Solution CC Powder@Mu...

content discovered on Sunday, November 09, 2014

On 6 November, Ciracle launch its Pimple Solution CC Powder at Muse by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid. The private event started with Daphne Iking welcoming remarks to all members of the press to the Muse. She continues by briefly introducing about Ciracle and the ranges that it carry. Daphne later explained in detail about the Ciracle Pimple Solution CC Powder.Pimple can easily appear simply from lack of sleep, stress and even from wearing heavy makeup for too long. Once a pimple appear, it is hard to rem... read more »

Pre-Loved Clothing and Shoes Blog Sale

content discovered on Saturday, November 08, 2014

Hi everyone! I have finally had the time to sort out my clothes and shoes and decided to let go of some of them. Well, it's not yet Spring (and we don't have Spring here in the Philippines) and not time to do a spring cleaning, but I've been meaning to really sell a couple of my clothes and shoes that I'm not using anymore and/or don't think I'll be using at all because they either not of myliking anymore or don't fit me anymore, which is the case for most of the apparel hahahahahaha! So I am holding a... read more »

Hair & Beauty 2014 - Transporte gratuito

content discovered on Saturday, November 08, 2014

Olá meus tudos!!!Começa amanhã, domingo dia 9/11 e vai até dia 11/11 no Riocentro a Hair Beauty , feira profissional da beleza.E pra ajudar a chegar lá o evento disponibilizou ônibus gratuito em alguns locais da cidade, pra gente poder chegar lá com mais comodidade. Dá uma olhadinha abaixo:Siqueira Campos - (Mesmo local do ano Passado – Do lado oposto ao número 118 da Rua Siqueira campo – Bem próximo ao Metro) - Nova América - ( Ponto do ônibus 614) - Barra - (Lateral do Terra encantada) - Centro do R... read more »

Black Friday Outfits on Dressve.com

content discovered on Saturday, November 08, 2014

Last night when I stepped out of the house to go to work, upon opening the door a gush of cold air hit my entire body and it made me shiver and realize that Christmas or the Holidays is already here! Too bad I was in such a hurry that I didn’t bother to go back and get a cardigan or jacket to help me keep warm as I walk the street to hail a cab. I say whether we like it or not, the spirit of the holidays is enveloping the whole world already. Well, if you ask me, I am excited about it. November makes u... read more »

Tidestore wishlist for November - It's All Abou...

content discovered on Saturday, November 08, 2014

Hello lovelies! How are you today? It's Weekend at last and much expected one! Do you have plans? If you don't I have one for you! Shopping shopping shopping! ( If you do have plans you can fit shopping into the 2 weekend days too!).Do you know those times when you just start going though clothing websites and you just love everything and want to buy everything?Yes! This times are also known as : payday end-of-the-month that-time Its-almost-Christmas *Oh*my*god*I*need*to*buy*Gifts! annoyed time anytime,... read more »

Aniversário do blog Creepy Beauty

content discovered on Friday, November 07, 2014

Olá meus tudos!!!No dia 9 de Novembro o blog da Suelen Coutinho vai completar seu 1º aninho de vidaaaaaaaaaaaa, e nós do Tudo sobre tudo estamos aqui para uma blogagem de niver...A Su, carinhosamente como a chamamos é dona do blog CREEPY BEAUTY, estilosa que só, rockeira e que se veste de preto, mais nem sempre...rsrsrsr( aliás preto é a minha cor predileta ) é uma fofa de voz doce...Olha ela aí em baixo: É linda ne?!!Bom pensando em sobre o que escreveria, me lembrei de que a Su gosta de coturnos e ent... read more »

October Favorites

content discovered on Thursday, November 06, 2014

I must admit I'm a little sad that October is over. It's my favorite month, mainly because it contains both my birthday and my favorite holiday. But after October things seem to get kind of cold and bleh. Sorry for the tangent, but I felt like I had to introduce this post with something....anyway! Favorites! Shea Moisture Argan Oil Raw Shea Hand and Body Scrub and Body Lotion My lovely friend gave me these two Shea Moisture products which I have been using consistently. They both smell heavenly with... read more »

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