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Recent blog posts on beauty

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beauty.review: Vichy Skin Health Centre

content discovered on Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How many of us can truly say that they understand their own skin? While we might be able to classify our skin as combination, dry, or oily there is so much more to our skin that is hiding just below the surface. For your skins own good, you owe yourself to check out the [] read more »

Guys Makeup

content discovered on Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It maybe seem a bit taboo for any guy to wear makeup, but why should girls be the only one? Guys can get great benefits from wearing makeup just like girls. It has nothing to do with sexual, it just a great tool to help you look your best. Even male stars wear makeup on movie sets to look their best, and no one was complaining at a hot Johnny Depp as a Pirate.Foundation: Great for covering skin imperfections! With a male foundation you want it to be natural, not matte or shimmery. (Unless you are going f... read more »

Launch + Review: L’Oreal Paris EverStrong Hair ...

content discovered on Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The state of our crowning glory could be likened to caring for flowers; given the right amount of care and resources and it flourishes and blossoms, but similarly neglect it and it is slated to wither and die. Perhaps that's why the creative people at L'Oreal has tied in a flower arrangement session in relations to the latest addition to their Hair Expertise line: TheL’Oreal Paris EverStrong Hair Scalp System. The cosy event was held at the Lime House, a quaint shophouse style bar-cum-restaurant tucked... read more »

Love your nails

content discovered on Tuesday, March 25, 2014

beauty read more »

barry m nail polish in mint green

content discovered on Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Because I've been such a shitty blogger lately I thought I would do just a quick little post on my favourite nail polish for the spring time. The Barry M nail polish in the shade ' 304 mint green' will be constantly on my nails throughout spring. Mint Green is pretty much my fave colour anyway, so what more excuse do I need to wear this?! Buy it here. read more »

toronto.event: Spring ‘One of a Kind’ Show 2014

content discovered on Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Its that time of year again! The Spring edition of the ONE OF A KIND SHOW rolls into town this week a one-stop shop for all your unique gift, decor, jewellery and clothing ideas. Ive written about the two editions of the ONE OF A KIND SHOW in the past (theres a Christmas and [] read more »

Beauty gift "Лаковый"

content discovered on Monday, March 24, 2014

Всем привет! С наступлением такой красоты за окном хочется выглядеть еще лучше, правда? Предлагаем Вам поучаствовать в нашем очередном Beauty gift, который позволит победительнице еще более подчеркнуть свою красоту с помощью вот такого набора для создания маникюра/педикюра от Technic: Набор состоит из 4 лаков по 6 мл и принадлежностей для маникюра/педикюра.Фото бутылечков лака без упаковки нет - набор раскрывать не хочется. Коробочка может служить хозяйке и как шкатулка - она с магнитом. На коробочке ни... read more »

follow Mandaryna's beauty blog on Tumblr

content discovered on Monday, March 24, 2014

Запрошую вас на сторінку мого блогу на Tumblr. Якщо ви ще не чули про цю соцмережу - обов'язково зареєструйтесь! Вона схожа до Pinterest та We Heart It (клік), проте має набагато більше функцій!) mandarynabblog.tumblr.com Також в мене є своя сторінка, долучайтесь за бажанням!) yuliyaarkhipenko.tumblr.com read more »

healthy food recipes.banana oatmeal breakfast

content discovered on Monday, March 24, 2014

Привіт усім! Sunday cooking/baking переноситься на понеділок і сьогодні в мене для вас рецепт смачної вівсянки з бананом (61ккал на 100г). Усі ми хочемо зранку здорово, найголовніше швидко та смачно поснідати! Саме для тих з вас, хто не любить витрачати час на приготування і не любить вівсянку - спробуйте її зготувати з бананом. Що нам потрібно: (1 порція)200мл молока3ст.л. вівсянки1 бананкориця за смаком1. На дно каструлі наливаємо трошки води (так молоко не підгорить), потім молоко. Доводимо до кипін... read more »

DIY Projects

content discovered on Monday, March 24, 2014

Im a big on DIY projects I make so many things myself and I want to start sharing those things with you. Before the post starts I want to share that Ill be doing a Healthy Hair Challenge starting April 1st please click the link to learn more. So Im big on wearing my [] read more »

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