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@CurlSistas Hair Extentions Launching Friday Oc...

content discovered on Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Yesterday the ladies of www.CurlSistas.com told us that their long-awaited CurlSistas hair is finally ready for launch! Whats CurlSistas Hair? CurlSistas Hair is virgin Human Hair and matches your natural tresses flawlessly, so no more straightened leave-out when you rock your protective styles this Fall + Winter! CurlSistas Hair comes in 3 textures - Chi-Chi (3b-3c),(...) read more »

Live - Learn - Work - Play

content discovered on Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Yup!..  Hiya Family!...and Yes!.....Ifeel so much better than yesterday. How are we all doing this beautiful day?.... Goddamnbullshit!... Yesterday I was really down...Damn!...I can't remember the last time I was hit like that buh mehnnnnnnnn I am better now and I have you guys to thank for that... How do I show you guys how much you mean to me? **thinking** I will come up with something. So I am in school at the moment...I may need to take breaks in between this post.Okay **rubs palms** I got quite ... read more »

Canalul Dunăre-Bucureşti adio

content discovered on Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Când Iliescu şi Roman au dat drumul Jafului Naţional, al industriei, cea care era un "morman de fiare vechi", dar şi agricultirii care a fost fărâmiţată până la suprafeţe imposibil de cultivat, au condamnat această lucrare relizată în proporţie de două treimi. read more »


content discovered on Monday, October 27, 2014

Deita, amor meu, deita. Deita que esta cidade quieta, de mim repleta, espreita, zelosa, teu sono vazio. Deita, amor da minha vida, descansa, aqui não te alcança maleita malsã ou qualquer desvio. Sossega sem pressa tua alma inquieta, hoje discreta de sonhos e em eterno fastio. Aqui a guarda é somente aos teus sossegos, nada te obriga, a nada te obrigas, vem. E apenas deita, minha vida, desliza, que há muito preciso desta doce cantiga do teu ressonar. WAndrade – 28/09/2014 read more »

Reviewing: Vittorio’s Steak House

content discovered on Monday, October 27, 2014

Vittorio’s Steak House is located at 121 Forab Building, Kamuning, Quezon City. Vittorio’s Steak House name came from Chef Vittorio’s father, since he dedicated it to him and by the way Vittorio’s Steak House is not supposed be the name, it should be Vittorio’s Restaurant, but due to name registration issues Vittorio’s Steak House was []Read more... The post Reviewing: Vittorio’s Steak House appeared first on The Bag Investigator. read more »

My Thoughts 14hrs Ago....

content discovered on Monday, October 27, 2014

This was my head yesterday... Hiya family! Hows your Monday looking? Well, mine is not looking too good...I am having a lil drama going on in my head and it is a lot mehn....buh it is well. So I don't have classes today (I am not even sure I will be going anywhere until this feeling passes) and on Friday is my school's convocation...(I won't be going for that either)...I would rather be in my store attending to customers than be in that ceremony...nonetheless, I wish everyone luck on that day... So ther... read more »

Walking Out

content discovered on Sunday, October 26, 2014

When I first read the phrase, "Walking out" or any variation-I presume bad news.For example, "She walked out on him because she couldn't stand the abuse anymore"Or, "He walked out on her, because he didn't think he could handle a family"See?Bad news.But, walking out on something is taking initiative, and in some cases it's the best thing you could ever do.I dunno if I shared this or not, but two weeks ago this Thursday I celebrated one whole year, 365 days of being clean from my addiction.Let me tell you... read more »


content discovered on Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gente que sorve o orgulho como a uma sopinha farta e quente num dia de frio e chuva forte. Encapota os próprios desassossegos, oferecendo silêncio e dessaber, julgando assim doer menos. E acredita que o amanhã só chega para os outros. A arrogância dos desabitados. WAndrade -17/10/2014 read more »

This Week Will Be Better.

content discovered on Sunday, October 26, 2014

All you gotta do is believe..... Hiya Fam!....Blessed Sunday to everyone. How are we all doing today? Well, I didn't go to church....I am not even gonna bother making excuses cuz I had no plans of going anyway buh for those who did or who are going....**closes eyes** Pray for Ernie, Skiny and the rest of TTT family blog....hehe...So yesterday, my husband took me on a date....it wasn't date-night cuz we decided to go really really casual...when we got to the restaurant, I am not even sure anyone noticed ... read more »

Alltagspost – Blogvorstellung

content discovered on Saturday, October 25, 2014

Heute geht es in meinem Alltagspost mal nicht nur um mein übliches gemecker, nein, ich habe heute die besondere Aufgabe jemanden vorzustellen. Das ist keine Einfache Aufgabe, aber es handelt sich um meine Namensgeberin. Auch [] read more »

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