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Tênis Mizuno Wave Prophecy 2 e Tênis Vans SK8-HI

content discovered on Saturday, November 16, 2013

Os Tênis mais confortáveis e com Design Perfeito ! Vamos começar este artigo te fazendo uma simples e fácil pergunta, você sabe qual o tênis masculino que é mais confortável e bonito? Pois é, na parte relacionada ao tênis fica um pouco mais difícil responder esta pergunta, existem vários e vários tênis que são muitos ... read more »

QB Style, lo store online per gli shopping addi...

content discovered on Monday, November 11, 2013

QB Style è lo store online dedicato a chi ama stupirsi di fronte alla creatività di un oggetto o alla pura espressione della sua bellezza,che adora l'intima combinazione tra forma e funzione. Che si innamora e si identifica negli oggetti e li vuole possedere a tutti i costi. Lo staff di QB Style è in costante movimento.; ricerca e seleziona accuratamente per gli shopping addicted prodotti di gusto internazionale che rispettano standard estetici e qualitativi elevati cercando sempre di bilanciare aspetto... read more »

All-Terrain Tread Switches From Thin to Wide

content discovered on Wednesday, November 06, 2013

With just a turn of a screw, this wheel adjusts to get a grip on rocks, asphalt, sand or mud. Continue reading → read more »

Shutter Island

content discovered on Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Our house is rather close to the street and our front windows are perfectly eye level.  You know me and minimalism plus my extreme loathing of heavy draperies, but we realized pretty early on that we would need to do something about the direct line of sight into our living room. I mean, there are [] read more »

The Big Reveal… Built Ins!

content discovered on Tuesday, November 05, 2013

I hope when you read this you imagine confetti going off and load music pulsing and t-shirt guns firing Custom Cabinetry Rocks! t-shirts at you and a big spotlight pointed at our dining room with a large black sheet covering it ARE YOU READY FOR BUILT IIIIINNNNS? I cant tell you how exciting it was [] read more »

Dutch Design Week 2013 Highlights

content discovered on Thursday, October 31, 2013

According to Dezeen Magazine it's more interesting than New York and London's Design Week, and it all takes place in a pretty small post-industrial town that over the past years has been evolving into a vibrant, multifaceted and well interconnected creative community. We're talking about the Dutch Design Week 2013 which, as always, took place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and hosted exhibitions by the Design Academy, Eindhoven University of Technology, several museums, as well as work by many other Dutc... read more »

Unique Approach to Surface of Guitar Neck Resul...

content discovered on Wednesday, October 30, 2013

According to guitar builder Dean Zilinsky, conventional thinking about the surface feel of the guitar neck is that the smoother and glossier the better. The assumption is that this makes it easier to move quickly up and down the neck. But Zelinskys Z-Glide design results in the removal of 70% of the surface area and [hellip Related Posts: Scales on One String The Revolutionary Fender Telecaster Godin Guitars Icon 2 Guitar Gear for Beginners Adjusting your guitars trussrod read more »

Trimming Down

content discovered on Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Or should it be Trimming Up? Nonetheless, theres trim on our built ins. Starting to look more and more built in, wouldnt you say? These rosettes were a huge selling point for us on this house. Such character. The original ones are still trimming the windows on the second floor but these are brand new. [] read more »

Handy Dandy....Clean!

content discovered on Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Are you always looking for ways to keep your home problem free and running smoothly? On the hunt for a few handy dandy household tips to help along the way?Me too!Here are a few of my favorite tried and true tips you may want to use:1. Once a week pour 1/2 cup bleach down bathroom sinks and put 1 cup in each toilet when you leave for the day, upon your return pour boiling water down the drains and flush all toilets. This will free any build up of hair, soap scum, etc. and help keep the clogs at bay. 2. ... read more »

Singing the Newburyport Blues

content discovered on Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ready for phase two of the built ins? Blue! Not just any blue. Benjamin Moores Newburyport Blue and just on the back. The rest will be painted the same pearl finish white as the rest of our trim. Its the same blue we are using in the half bath and we are so in love [] read more »

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