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Recent blog posts on desserts

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It’s Fall Ya’ll – Quick Easy Dinner for Cool Ev...

content discovered on Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The temps are dropping and many are busy with back to school and sports activities. Yep, its Fall, yall and here is an and easy dinner for those cool evenings, when you need to get a meal on the table fast! This has been a family favorite for many years. I hope that you enjoy [...] read more »

Photohunt: Spots

content discovered on Saturday, October 11, 2014

I am sure everyone of us have our favorite food SPOTS that become our favorite for all season. Banapple is a bakery and cafe that serves not only pies, cakes and desserts but also good food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here are some of our favorites (You can click the thumbnails for a larger [] read more »

TVWS Offers Greek Wines and Greek Dinner

content discovered on Thursday, October 09, 2014

Its like we traveled to, and returned from, Greece in 2 hours! Surprisingly good wines and a good dinner. We really liked the format the Barbara Friedman and Greg Luttig used tonight Barbara presented the wine and then suggested that we eat, for instance, the soup and the salad. And with the next wines, [] read more »

Fikcles @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

content discovered on Thursday, October 02, 2014

Price: Mid-range Cuisine: Western Catphobia-Friendly?: Yes Halal At a glance, Fikcles fits right in with the current quirky café troupe with its adorably-painted façade and its coffee-scented interior. But scan through the menu and you’ll find this genius creation that sets this cosy café significantly apart: We’re talking about the Salted Egg Squid Wrap (RM15.90). Have you ever heard of anything so delectable stuffed between tortillas? The generous portion comes with awesomely thick fries and ... read more »

Peach Pudding

content discovered on Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A friend brought me some peaches that needed to be used within a couple days so I came up with an idea. I love Banana Pudding and I love Peaches and Cream so why not make Peach Pudding. I used my regular Banana Pudding recipe (the kind you cook from scratch) but instead of using bananas I used peaches. OMGoodness! This is so good. It isn't too sweet and you get the slight tartness from the peaches. I did make one mistake, that wasn't really a mistake but something I would change the next time I make this... read more »

Summer Fruit Cobbler

content discovered on Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summer is almost coming to an end and it was high time to prepare a typical summer dessert before the seasonal fruits become unavailable.You can in fact improvise and use any kind of fruit you have around. This dessert or comfort food is so simple, seasonal and delicious. I made mine with apples, blueberries, peaches and red currents. The merge of 2 sweet fruits with 2 sour ones gave it an amazing flavour and taste. I totally loved how my apple and peach crumble turned out the other day so I cooked the ... read more »

A Quick Food Tour At Paseo de Magallanes

content discovered on Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Katipunan craft beer at The Bottle Shop Very rarely I am in this part of Makati so whenever I'm in the area of Paseo de Magallanes, I try as much as I can to enjoy it in full blast. Food wise, that is.One Of The Best Pizza In Town inside Cafe Breton in Paseo de Magallanes I first heard about the pizzas being offered at Cafe Breton here in Paseo de Magallanes Commercial Complex from Jin Perez of Jin Loves To Eat but what really got my interest was her added remark that this is the only Cafe Breton br... read more »

Poke Cake | Labor Day Dessert

content discovered on Friday, August 29, 2014

Hello friends, are you gearing up for this long Labor Day Weekend?  What are your plans, will you be heading to the parks, a pool party, or just chillaxin at home?  I will be doing a little grilling using the Yoshi Grill Mats, cleaning out a few closets and watching movies. This holiday is Continue reading The post Poke Cake | Labor Day Dessert appeared first on Fashion and Fun after Fifty. read more »

Too Hot To Bake Cookies?

content discovered on Thursday, August 21, 2014

How often, have we wanted to make cookies and it was just too hot to turn on the oven? Well there has been a solution over the years, but not many are aware of it. The Italians have been doing it for many generations. The Italians called this type of cookie pizzelle. It is believed to be, one of the oldest cookies in the world. Originated in the 8th century. Many families would have hand held waffle irons made, with their family's initials or crest on n the iron. They would then hold the iron over an ope... read more »

Mason Jar Dump Cake

content discovered on Friday, August 15, 2014

Hello friends, are you ready for the weekend?  Here it is the middle of August so raise your hand if youll be heading to the beach or the shore this weekend?  Not me, but I will be hanging poolside, I hate traffic, I get enough of that during the week!   Todays Friday Foodie Feature Continue reading The post Mason Jar Dump Cake appeared first on Fashion and Fun after Fifty. read more »

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