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De todo un poco

content discovered on Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hemos llegado a la conclusión de que Martha seguramente ha camelado a los otros dos, porque no tiene sentido que actuasen por su cuenta, sin ella. Alfredo quería venir a Pontevedra para hablar de todo esto, pero le he dicho que yo no podría salir más tiempo. De hecho, voy ya de camino para casa. Mi suegra, nada más verme, me suelta que hoy quiere bañarse otra vez. ¡Menudo rollo! Comprendo que le apetezca, pero a mí me da cien patadas en el estómago. En fin, no queda otra. Todavía tengo un rato. Pregunt... read more »

Support Net Neutrality

content discovered on Monday, May 19, 2014

Tell Chairman Wheeler: Don't help Verizon kill Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is a principle that says that Internet users, not Internet service providers (ISPs), should be in control. It ensures that Internet service providers can’t speed up, slow down, or block web content based on its source, ownership, or destination. Net Neutrality is dead for the time being – but the FCC could stand up to Verizon and ATT and pass strong rules. Instead, Wheeler's proposed rules would divide the Internet into fast la... read more »

ProtonMail, correo criptografiado creado en el ...

content discovered on Sunday, May 18, 2014

ProtonMail es la herramienta por excelencia para enviar correos encriptados de manera simple e intuitiva, creada en el lugar de nacimiento de internet, el CERN, con la colaboración de diferentes profesores de Cambridge, MIT y Harvard, ha logrado convertirse  rápidamente en una increíble alternativa al servicio Lavabit, recientemente clausurado, esto se debe a su rápida [] read more »

Down the password lane

content discovered on Sunday, May 18, 2014

''My first password consisted of my nickname and some digits from my birth date. Anyone who knows me could have easily guessed it. This was back in the times of dial-up networks and no internet at home. The nearest 'internet cafe' we had to our house was a small grocery shop, which also had a photocopier, a fax machine and a computer. This computer was always covered. The monitor, the CPU, the keyboard, the mouse and the modem each individually protected from the dirt of the outside world. This passwor... read more »

Internet Safety And A Smallish Rant About Stand...

content discovered on Thursday, May 15, 2014

There are so many things going on right now, and one of those things is MSP testing, and the countdown to summer vacation. The end of the school year always seems to have my daughter so flustered and tense. The MSP testing is one of those reasons (MSP = measurement of student progress). My daughter is one of the fortunate, she doesn't freeze up for testing and she has good study habits, but that doesn't mean that she enjoys all the testing. This year, I think she is only being testing in reading and math... read more »

Oficinas Formativas – Comunica DH – #corre

content discovered on Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Depois de dar uma pequena cobertura sobre a Cryptorave, bora continuar os posts sobre a questão da internet! Oficinas Formativas? Onde? A Incubadora de Projetos da Secretaria Municipal de Direitos Humanos e Cidadania (SMDHC) inicia nesta segunda-feira, dia 5, o projeto Comunica DH, que oferecerá atividades gratuitas de formação em comunicação sobre direitos humanos e [] read more »

Abbey’s Pleasure: A Contemporary Internet Roman...

content discovered on Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Release Date: 5/14/14 Price: $.99 Book 4 An Invitation From A Fairy Series Sometimes it takes the magic of a fairy godmother and a wicked sexual fulfillment to find your destiny And the love of a lifetime. One night to fulfill their innermost sexual fantasies. An exclusive gold-lettered invitation. A supernatural satisfaction. Can theseRead more... read more »

Embarcadero lança suíte de desenvolvimento RAD ...

content discovered on Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Embarcadero Technologies, fornecedora líder de soluções premiadas de software para o desenvolvimento de aplicações e bancos de dados, lança mundialmente o Embarcadero® RAD Studio XE6. Ela é uma das mais completas soluções de desenvolvimento de software para a construção de aplicações nativas para Windows, Android, iOS e Mac, a partir de uma única base de código, que traz as soluções Delphi, C++ Builder e HTML5 Builder. Com suporte ampliado a Android, o Embarcadero RAD Studio XE6 é a única solução do ... read more »

North Korean Pop Culture

content discovered on Monday, May 12, 2014

Morning rush hour traffic snarls in downtown Pyongyang......First, before I go into this, I need to say I'm not a sympathizer of the North Korean regime and I'm aware of the atrocities and miserable human rights record of it. It's no joke.But the contradiction between the North Korean 'official' line of "Paradise On Earth" and reality are embarrassingly visual just by viewing and listening to North Korea's own media and raise far more uncomfortable questions than the regime can explain or live down. So y... read more »

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