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(video) umadyet news: Week in review 03/30/2014

content discovered on Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome to umadyets Week in review 03/30/2014 I think by now, everybody knows about Malaysian plane that went missing three weeks ago.  There has been 24/7 news coverage without any news!?  They think they MAY have an idea when it is.  They have found trash not related to this flight.  So, there has been no news [] read more »

Drawing A Polyline with AutoLISP 7

content discovered on Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Main Part Of The AutoLISP Program Every AutoLISP program has got a main part. You can recognize that part. It has C: in the function name.Here is the main part:(defun-c:drwpl-(/-ct-ls-et-sp)---(start)---(drlns)---(setq-ct-T)---(while-ct------(setq-ls-(fndet)------------et-(nth-0-ls)------------sp-(nth-1-ls)------)------(if-(null-et)---------(setq-ct-nil)---------(progn------------(delpl)------------(drwpl-et-sp)---------)------)---)---(endpr))In the second post of this AutoLISP program I was talking ... read more »

Drawing A Polyline with AutoLISP 6

content discovered on Friday, March 21, 2014

The DPLIP FunctionThis function is long. And it is also a little bit complicated. But you will understand the function. I hope.Here is the function:(defun-dplip-(et-sp-ss-/-e1-el-ip-p1-p2-p3-p4)---(setq-el-(entget-et)---------p1-(cdr-(assoc-10-el))---------p2-(cdr-(assoc-11-el))---)---(setq-e1-(ssname-ss-0))---(if-(equal-et-e1)------(setq-e1-(ssname-ss-1))---)---(setq-el-(entget-e1)---------p3-(cdr-(assoc-10-el))---------p4-(cdr-(assoc-11-el))---)---(if-(or-(=-(angle-p1-p2)(angle-p1-p3))-----------(=-(an... read more »

Drawing A Polyline with AutoLISP 5

content discovered on Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The DELPL FunctionNow I'm going to talk about the next function of the AutoLISP program. I'm going to talk about the DELPL function. Here it is:(defun-delpl-(/-et-el-tp)---(setq-et-(entlast)---------el-(entget-et)---------tp-(cdr-(assoc-0-el))---)---(if-(=-tp-"LWPOLYLINE")------(command-"erase"-(entlast)-"")---))The function is used as the AutoLISP program starts. It deletes a polyline. A call to it is in the main AutoLISP program. Working Of The FunctionThe function works like this. The last entity in t... read more »

Drawing A Polyline with AutoLISP 4

content discovered on Monday, March 17, 2014

Now I'm going to talk about all the functions of the AutoLISP program. I already gave you a list of all the functions. Here it is again:The FunctionsFunction ActionSTART Setting the limits, erasing everything in the screen, setting the snap and grid, zooming out of the screenDRLNS Drawing four lines FNDET Finding line or polyline entityDELPL Delete polylineDRWPL Draw polyline, no intersection with other lineDPLIP Draw polyline, intersection with other lineENDPR Ending of the programThe START And The END ... read more »

Drawing Polylines with AutoLISP 3

content discovered on Saturday, March 15, 2014

Here is the complete AutoLISP program for drawing polylines. Run it in your CAD program and see how it works.Oh. You see all the slashes. And now you are thinking. What is that? Let me tell you what it is. It is done to make things clear.In a Blogger blog I cannot add a listing with spaces. The spaces are removed by Blogger. So you do not see spaces.What I did. I have replaced all spaces with a slash. You can do the same after copyin gthe program. Replaced slashes with spaces. (defun-c:drwpl-(/-ct-ls-et-... read more »

Drawing Polylines with AutoLISP 2

content discovered on Saturday, March 15, 2014

Drawing Polylines with AutoLISP 2In my last post I told you that I'm going to talk about the AutoLISP program. That is what I'm going to do now.But I want to do it in a different way than what you possibly are expecting. I will tell you what needs to be done by the program.What Needs To Be DoneYou know how the program works:- At the start a screen with four line is drawn- The user selects a line.- After the selection of a line the polyline is erased, if it is in the drawing.- A polyline is drawn over the... read more »

Blue Jasmine (2013)

content discovered on Thursday, March 13, 2014

Blue Jasmine is a Woody Allen film without having a Woody Allen or a Woody Allen counterpart in it. Instead, the luminous Cate Blanchett takes center stage and holds it throughout the running time of the film. And you’ll find Continue reading The post Blue Jasmine (2013) appeared first on Movie Parables. read more »

Day 1&2

content discovered on Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hi everybody :)so after now 2 days in Bangkok it´s clear to me...bangkok is busy and you have to watch your step :)but first things first, when I arrived yesterday I decided to take a motorcycle taxi and it is just not funny when you have all your things with ya and your texi is like, yeah basically everywhere ;P driving between the line or against the stream but it was definatly better than any roller coster.than I took a lil stroll around and it was like hell degrees spoken ,35 ° to be exact , and as g... read more »

What AutoLISP Reveals

content discovered on Thursday, March 13, 2014

You are working with AutoCAD. Or maybe you are working with an alternative of AutoCAD such as IntelliCAD.In the program you are creating technical drawings. The guess is that you are creating a lot of technical drawings with the program.That Is How It IsIt takes a lot of time before your technical drawing is is created. And once it is created, you cannot use it right away.The technical drawing needs to be checked first. And checking the technical drawing. That takes a lot of time too.Wasting Time And Mon... read more »

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