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Breastfeeding and Colds can Bite me!

content discovered on Saturday, February 22, 2014

I am sure most of you have had a cold before. In fact I have one right now, which is what spurs this post. And I am sure most of you have not been concerned because you knew you could take all those lovelies medicines for congestion etc.Well if you plan to breastfeed or are breastfeeding, be prepared for you to feel like your head will explode.When you are breastfeeding, there are certain things you can't take that could affect your milk supply. I know that after spending 12 weeks getting my supply estab... read more »

Lies you are Told About Having a Baby

content discovered on Sunday, February 09, 2014

You get lots of advice. You read lots of books. You scour Pinterest and the internet for information. Yes, I will admit that some information is helpful and some information you read ends up being true but most of the time it is so generalized that truth has fallen to the wayside. Having a baby is an individualized experience and every baby is different. I will be creating new posts as she gets older with the new lies we are told as she grows up. These are more about a newborn or preparing for a baby.I a... read more »

My Favorite Youtube Families to watch

content discovered on Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Let's be honest with ourselves. Most of us enjoy some reality TV every now and again. The unfortunate thing is that a majority of reality shows are no more real than the boobs, face and ass of reality whore Heidi Montag. Who is that you ask? Good she's not relevant anymore. Anyways, I discovered some actually really interesting content on Youtube quite a few years back. Vlogs. A video blog. For the older folks, it is somebody that carries a camera around with them and records their lives then uploads it... read more »

Are you Crunchy or Just Plain Crazy?

content discovered on Monday, January 20, 2014

Being "crunchy" can be a good thing. You have made the decision to live a more natural lifestyle for yourself and your child. You try to keep as many chemicals away from your child that are not necessary and try to keep things more simple. It can also be completely and absolutely ridiculous. Have you ever heard of "Elimination Communication?" Oh you haven't?? Look it up. This post is just about Crunchy Products. I might do separate posts regarding a crunchy lifestyle with your child, but she is still a ... read more »


content discovered on Tuesday, September 17, 2013

#Pray for Zamboanga read more »


content discovered on Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Zamboanga City Crisis 2013 or the MNLF Stand-off sow fear and anxiety among the citizens of Zamboanga City, especially that this has already lingered for six days and counting. Bullets, Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs), mortars are fired.But the weapons do not choose the targets...Red Cross volunteers who are there to serve are injured because of a fired mortar ... This atrocity conveys death, danger, bloodshed, injuries, fear, panic and extends to public health and economic issues. Imagine, the n... read more »

Advocacy: Global Newborn Health #newborn2013

content discovered on Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It has been 15 years since I gave birth to my baby boy - Jean-Sijent. Friends and readers know how often I talk about him on and about theadvises (aka warnings) I love to discuss here. Everything happens for a reason they say but back in 1996 when I had a miscarriage with my first baby, I did not believe that at first. It was only after my doctor discovered an ovarian cyst and realized I needed a surgery did I believe. After less than a year, I got pregnant again despite the fact that my ob-gynecologis... read more »

5 Pretty awesome baby gifts!

content discovered on Thursday, November 15, 2012

So... I was reading another blog when I got this idea. I came up with 5 things that were great to have that broke out of the normal, bouncer, high chair, stroller type of list. Here goes! 1. First up! Pacimals. Picture courtesy of www.pacimals.com This thing was AMAZING. We got one from my dear friend Chelsea when I was due with Brooklyn. It is a stuffed animal that is attached to a NUK like pacifier (just like the one from the hospital). I had never heard or seen one of these, and we sure got a ... read more »

The Joy of Having a Newborn

content discovered on Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nope! Not me! I did not give birth to this beautiful baby girl, my cousin did. Congrats W.K. jiejie! But the joy of having a newborn in my arms again definitely felt awesome! When she was in my arms, the same feeling of being a mother for the very first time rained onto me and [...] read more »


content discovered on Friday, July 06, 2012

TIPS PENJAGAAN BAYI BARU LAHIR 1. Cuci pakaian yang baru dibeli atau yang lama untuk mengelakkan kuman/bakteria kerana kulit bayi yang baru lahir amat sensitif. 2. Mandikan bayi anda dengan air suam untuk mengelakkan bayi sejuk dada. 3. Selepas mandi lapkan tali pusat bayi hingga kering kemudian disapu dengan ubat yang diberikan doktor. 4. Kemudian sapukan minyak telon/gamat ke perut, ari-ari , betis, belakang dan tapak kaki bayi kerana minyak ini boleh menghangatkan bayi selepas mandi dan mengelakk... read more »

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