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Edward Scissorhands

content discovered on Monday, February 20, 2017

Edward ScissorhandsMTV viewingI probably first became aware of Tim Burton whenBatmancame out. If you weren't there, you can only imagine what a gigantic event this movie was in terms of hype and marketing. The movie itself looks a little frayed around the edges now, post-Christopher Nolan, but Burton had brought to the big screen a Batman who looked and felt like the one in the comics, influenced as they were by Frank Miller and The Dark Knight Returns four years earlier, and helped cement the image of t...

Uptown Saturday Night

content discovered on Friday, February 17, 2017

The 90 Years of Sidney Poitier Blogathon is an event celebrating the life and career of the actor, hosted by The Wonderful World of Cinema. For a complete list of participating bloggers, visit the link atthe host site.Uptown Saturday NightNetflix rentalThere's no doubt about it: Sidney Poitieris a living legend. Before Denzel, Will, Eddie and Richard, there was Sidney, redefining what a black actor could do in a Hollywood film for a long time.By the 70s, black cinema had established a niche and it slowly...

2016 Top 10

content discovered on Thursday, February 16, 2017

Last month, out of curiosity, I counted up the new releases I had seen and written about here, from the past six calendar years, 2011-16. From oldest to newest, the numbers per year are: 48, 34, 33, 30, 20, and 29, for a total of 194 and an average of 32.3. (This total excludes films seen at film festivals.)48 seems like such an outrageous number now. I know there are a number of reasons why I haven't come close to that total since - finances, greater interest in older movies, less willing to pay for cra...


content discovered on Monday, February 13, 2017

KrullYouTube viewingThere were a lot of fantasy movies in the 80s - I'm making a clear distinction here from sci-fi (Conan the Barbarian, Clash of the Titans,Time Bandits,The NeverEnding Story, Willow, Splash, etc.) - and I think many of them had a sort of innocence to them that's missing from the genre today. It's hard to explain if you weren't there. These days you have Game of Thrones on TV, with all its carnage and sex, while on the big screen there'sThe Hunger Gamesand its copycats, set in bleak, dy...

Character builder

content discovered on Wednesday, February 08, 2017

...if I am going to identify with anything, it is usually feelings or emotions or ways of thinking rather than actual characters.... I’ve always thought there was a dearth of certain kinds of personalities, though, and my question has been, do I not identify because people tend not to write about characters who I would identify with, or is it simply the way that I approach books that prevents me from more closely seeing myself in other characters?This struck me as another "what do we want from our fictio...

Sarah Polley: Stories She Tells

content discovered on Saturday, February 04, 2017

The 2017 O Canada Blogathon is an event devoted to Canadian actors and films, hosted by Speakeasy and Silver Screenings. For a list of participating bloggers, visit the link at Speakeasy.It's been a long time since I saw The Sweet Hereafter, but I remember when it came out, what a big deal people made over this Canadian drama. I remember liking the movie, though it's not the kind you wanna watch over and over. It's pretty heavy.One aspect of the film that lingers in the memory, however, is the performanc...

The Major and the Minor/Monkey Business (1952)

content discovered on Monday, January 30, 2017

The Major and the MinorTCM viewingMonkey Business(1952)YouTube viewingI don't think I really began to appreciate Ginger Rogers until I started seeing her films independent ofFred Astaire. I knew she had made plenty of movies without him, but it's difficult to think of her as something besides one half of the greatest dance team in film history.Truth is, she was a dynamite comedic actress who won an Oscar for drama (of course). I hadn't planned on watching two of her films so close to each other, but sinc...

20th Century Women

content discovered on Friday, January 27, 2017

20th Century Womenseen @ Kew Gardens Cinemas, Kew Gardens, Queens NYLooking back at the new releases for 2016 that I saw, one trend that sticks out is that of senior leading ladies in starring roles: Helen Mirren in Eye in the Sky; Sally Field in Hello My Name is Doris, Susan Sarandon in The Meddler, and now Annette Bening in 20th Century Women. In fact, when I first saw the trailer for this one, my first reaction was omigod, Bening's old! I suppose it's always a bit of a shock to realize your favorite m...

Blah blah blah Oscar 2016

content discovered on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

For Best Picture:ArrivalFencesHacksaw RidgeHell or High WaterHidden FiguresLa La LandLionManchester by the SeaMoonlightThe rest.You might have noticed that I don't follow the Oscar race all that closely anymore. I guess I've finally wised up to the fact that it's all a crapshoot, a popularity contest, that has no real meaning to my life and only rarely awards the truly worthy, and trying to predict who will win is not worth the hassle. That said, it is still, y'know, THE OSCARS, and as such, I can't help...

Your movie poster sucks

content discovered on Friday, January 20, 2017

I've been wanting to do this for awhile because someone should. I've talked before about how living in New York meansbeing constantly surrounded by movie (and TV) posters. I get to look at them a lot, on a daily basis. As someone trained in the visual arts, I can't help sizing them up as works of art, as well as how effective they are in selling movies. I think you can guess what I think of most of them.Yes, I understand many other factors go into making a movie poster, not the least of which includes wh...

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