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Campfire Social- Wellbeing

content discovered on Thursday, August 17, 2017 in alt folk, campfire social, indie pop

Campfire Social is an indie pop/alt-folk band from Llangollen/North Wales. Campfire Social music has a hint of Elliot Smith (R.I.P.), Death Cab For Cutie and Allen Clapp- it's especially noticeable on the song called The Playwright from their first studio e.p, titled Wellbeing. Wellbeing by Campfire social

LECHEROUS -To Stupid For Regrets

content discovered on Sunday, August 13, 2017 in dark punk, street punk

Lecherous is a dark punk/street punk band from Salt Lake City. I found out about this band from that delightful social media platform,"Twitter." Lecherous newest single release "To Stupid For Regrets," has that old school punk sound that is reminiscent of Alice Bag and Black Flag.

The Grumblers - I’m a Sweet Girl

content discovered on Saturday, August 05, 2017 in indie punk, pop punk, the grumblers

The Grumblers is a pop punk/indie rock band from Los Angeles, CA. The Grumblers was started by two talent ladies that wanted to write crabby songs. Oh, did mention these ladies are from two well known bands- KimShattuck lead vocals/guitar for The Muffs and Hillary Burton lead vocals/guitar for the band Honeychain. The Grumblers first single release titled:” I’m a Sweet Girl” debut on Los Angeles legendary radio host Rodney Bingenheimer latest DJ gig for Little Steven's Underground Garage on SIRIUSXM. “I...

The Ataris - "Beauty Eh?"

content discovered on Thursday, August 03, 2017 in punk, the ataris

The Ataris are an Anderson, Indiana punk band that was formed in 1996. The Ataris have released a digital album entitled "Silver Turns to Rust"on Bandcamp. In this latest album The Ataris have created a brilliant and honest record. For example, the song "Beauty Eh?" second verse supports The Ataris lyrical honesty, and it goes like this: "Beauty is faceBeauty is mind Beauty is you even when you're unkind No other torture I will find How could I be so blind?"Check The Ataris song "Beauty Eh?" down be...

Flatfoot 56 - Stutter

content discovered on Wednesday, August 02, 2017 in celtic punk, flatfoot 56

Flatfoot 56 is a Celtic Punk Band From Chicago, Illinois. Flatfoot 56 is a high intense Celtic Punk band that reminds me of: Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys, but with a greater understanding of the essentials of human existence.Check out Flatfoot 56 latest video called"Stutter"

Haunted Like Human- Indie Folk Duo

content discovered on Tuesday, August 01, 2017 in haunted like human, indie folk, indie folk duo

Haunted Like Human is a indie folk duo from Nashville, TN. If I could give a comparison to what Haunted Like Human sound like with out sounding like another cliche douche bag music reviewer, it would be their sound is reminiscent of the likes of Sara Bettens -lead singer of K's choice, Joan Baez, and a acoustic version of Fiona Apple, but with more soul.Haunted Like Human debut album "Ghost Stories" will be out sometime in September, 2017, right now take a look at them performing the their song "Orion".h...

Battery Point - Star

content discovered on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 in battery point, chula vista, indie pop, shoegaze

Battery Point is a four piece Indie Pop/Shoegaze band from Chula Vista, California. Battery Point has a lovely sound that echoes those beloved Indie pop/ Shoegaze bands such as: Aislers Set, Manorlady, and the legendary band My Bloody Valentine. Check out Battery Point latest release, "Wish", it will make you say to yourself or some one who might see you on the street, "I hope this band puts out more music." Battery Point Jessica Severns - VocalsSergio Esparza - Vocals/BassRay Hamilton - GuitarAlex Mez...

Nate Maingard- Indie Folk Singer

content discovered on Saturday, July 08, 2017 in indie folk, nate maingard, slow it down

Nate Maingard is an Indie Folk singer-songwriter from Cape Town, South Africa that resembles the vocal styling of John Lennon and Elliot Smith. Mr. Nate Maingard's music takes the listener on a meaningful journey of self reflection of the world around them.Take a look at Nate Maingards video,"Slow It Down"

She Makes War- I Want My Country Back

content discovered on Saturday, July 01, 2017 in gloom pop, laura kidd, she makes war

She Makes War is the gloom pop solo project by Bristol, UK's own multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Laura Kidd. She Makes War latest single "I Want My Country Back" is poignant and powerful song anthem of telling about the current state of the mainstream press. In the opening lyrics of " I Want My Country Back" it takes the listener on a united gloomy pop journey of defiance- "I want my country back From unelected liars, hypocrites and sleazy hacks I want my country back Their irresponsible delusio...

AofM - "Storm"

content discovered on Sunday, March 12, 2017 in aofm, brit pop

AofM is a Indie Rock/ Brit Pop from Toulouse, France.In their latest single "Storm" from their upcoming e.p. Memories, AofM has a familiar sound that resembles the 90's indie rock band, "The Crabs" and the garage revivalists "The Strokes.''AofM is a tasty treat for lovers of the K Record and Sarah Records sound.AofM members:Peter Pheline - Vocals/LyricsNicolas Rives - Guitar/BackVocalsJoris Fernandez - Bass/KeyboardsBenjamin Bauduin - Drums/Mixing

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