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[Infographic] Video Marketing & the Marketing F...

We hear so much about the growth in popularity of video be it live video or static video; every content marketing expert is quick to list the reasons why you’re missing out unless you are engaging in some form of video marketing. That’s perfectly fine and they are correct in their assertions that video is [] The post [Infographic] Video Marketing the Marketing Funnel appeared first on [Click on the link to continue reading!]

6 ways your startup can make the most of your s...

Getting your new business noticed on social media can feel impossible at first, but a few key skills can get your social media up and running with ease. Since the [] [Click on the link to continue reading!]

How To Be A Successful Freelancer 101

One of the best benefits of freelancing is the relief that comes after you quit your stressful 9 to 5 job. Still, making a living of freelance gigs is not [] [Click on the link to continue reading!]

Improve Your eCommerce Experience and You’re Bo...

Even just a few decades ago, online shopping sites like Amazon were outliers; most people still relied on brick-and-mortar stores and in-person interactions for many of the goods and services []

The Importance of a Channel Partner Loyalty Pro...

Channel partners are that indispensable link of your indirect sale sequence that is responsible for driving a significant chunk of your business’ revenue. To ensure the smooth sailing of this []

[Infographic] What You Need to Know Before Crea...

content discovered on Saturday, July 01, 2017 in apps software, startup tips, technology, app, browser, feedback, market, smartphone, user experience

Given an equal possibility of accessing both, which are you more likely to use first: an app on your smartphone or the Internet browser on your computer? That could depend []

Why Are Millennials Trying To Ditch The Office?

In my several years of ‘officing’ in Starbucks or Costa, I saw so many annoyed-by-the-background-noise and I-wish-I-were-home-right-now faces scattered around tables in coffee shops that made me wonder what made []

[Infographic] Same Day Delivery & Its Challenge...

content discovered on Monday, June 26, 2017 in startup tips, trends, challenges, cost, delivery, gratification, on demand, patience, same day, staff, stock

With the advancement of technology and the pace at which modern life is lived, consumers’ patience for waiting on goods and services to be delivered has steadily shortened. We live in []

3 Reasons Why Startups Should Invest In Coworking

content discovered on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 in growth, startup tips, coworking, freelancers, job, productivity, real estate, self evaluation, startup, talent, vision

A startup is a gamble made on a vision. Be it technology, consumer goods, or even agriculture, a startup wagers its success on the advancements and innovations it has to []

A Recipe for Startup Failure: Poor Sleep Habits

content discovered on Saturday, June 17, 2017 in business skills, startup tips, calm, change, eating, entrepreneur, focus, habits, management, productivity, routine, schedule, sleep, stress, work

As an entrepreneur, I understand what it takes to manage myself, my schedule, and my business. While it’s a lot to think about all the time, it is worth it []

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