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Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. launches FiberX, P...

content discovered on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Just when you need speed in your internet connection for your business or personal dealings, one of the companies' today that offers complete ICT solutions just recently launched their innovation that will elevate Pinoy's Internet experience. Converge ICT Solutions, Inc., launched theirFiberX, iBIZ, Converge Enterprise and FiberXtreme. These solutions will definitely upscale today's internet experience. The company also announced further expansion plans and continued strengthening of its fiber optic netw... read more »

The Berry Best Strawberry Flavor and Natural Ju...

content discovered on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The mere sight of a strawberry brings out my sons dimples in all of their glory. Something about their bright red color and sweet, juicy flavor of strawberries has always appealed to his passion for fruit. I was surprised to learn that May is National Strawberry Month and that strawberries are excellent for juicing, providing beneficial nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Delighting in a delicious glass of fresh strawberry juice promotes tissue health, and provides 56 percent of the daily recommended mang... read more »

#jewelleryfacts365 295/365 Diamond fact

content discovered on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Until the 14th Century only Kings could wear diamonds, because they stood for strength, courage and invincibility. 1.35ctw Diamond 14th Century Cross Enhancer read more »

Update on digital banking

content discovered on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

So, lots of good news in the past 24 hours.I spoke to the bank that was leaking their source code. They're now investigating fixing things up. That's good news.Second, the "how do you fix mobile banking" article has accomplished what it set out to do, and lots more. My original intent was kick-start a conversation on the mobile banking problem in Canada. I've was told by sources last night that two conversations within Scotiabank happened yesterday, one at the executive level on King Street, and one lowe... read more »

Single White Female (1992)

Director: Barbet Schreoder Writer: Don Roos (Screenplay) John Lutz (Novel) Starring: Bridget Fonda, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Steven Weber, Peter Friedman, Stephen Tobolowsky, Frances Bay   Plot: A woman advertising for a new roommate finds that something very strange is going Continue reading read more »

Happy Health and Wellness Relationship with Wei...

content discovered on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Happiness is envisioned as different things for different people. The common denominator is that we are all seeking to be happy in our lives. Can we be happy with the weight loss process? Heres a book thats not only a different approach to losing weight, in addition to helping us to find happiness in everything we do. Without giving away too much, heres the takeaway, “You can’t wait to lose weight to find happiness, you need to find happiness, and then you will lose weight.” Chatting with ex-serial diete... read more »

Reminders of the Past

content discovered on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Things have changed in the last few days. The need to be back on track and get guidance have never been stronger than before. There were setbacks and personal challenges that made things complicated both for me and the significant others. Fortunately, I have already planned a vacation back to where I come from- the Philippines. This is perhaps the most timely and much-needed trip back home I ever had since I started living in Norway. Collective gain is personal gain As an Asian, my personal achievement... read more »


content discovered on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 in board of directors, committees, task force, however, brilliant

You are perhaps aware that in recent times most of the decisions in any large organisation are usually taken by a group of people (e.g., Board of Directors, Committees, Task-force, etc.) rather than by a single individual manager, however, brilliant, bright or powerful the manager may be. Perhaps from your own experience, you are also aware of some of the obvious advantages and disadvantages of read more »

The Beach In Albufeira, Portugal

content discovered on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Beach In Albufeira, Portugal, 2017 acrylic paint on canvas board 8" x 10" (20.3 cm x 25.4 cm) 201705054 © copyright Mike Kraus To purchase, please visit: 10% OFF with coupon code JOINTHEFUN Hiking along the Atlantic coast in southern Portugal. The intense sun blasting the golden sand on the beach. Every so often, there's a cool breeze from the water to provide some relief. It's a great place to drink vinho verde. ... read more »

Five movies about musicians who died young

content discovered on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I hope you don't mind; I gotta talk about Chris Cornell for a minute. When I think of Soundgarden, I think of John, who first introduced me to them (though I do remember hearing them on the radio in the early 90s). He's always two or three steps ahead of me musically. He was the one who first told me "Smells Like Teen Spirit" wasn't some Weird Al-like novelty song. John believed SG was the real deal. I figured he was probably right.The first SG album I bought was Badmotorfinger, on cassette. I had initia... read more »

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