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Recent blog posts on beauty

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Get Entangled In Beauty with Sheinside

content discovered on Friday, May 08, 2015

Summer would probably be the best season for me; I believe that I was destined to be born in a tropical country. I’m not really fond of the rain nor the gloomy weather it brings which hinders you to do things or go out. I also happen to love the carefree and colorful summer fashion. Although I really haven’t experimented so much on color in my wardrobe, I love the colors that are associated with summer. They brighten up anyone’s day, do you agree? It saddens me that May signals the rainy season in my co... read more »

Finishpedia: glitters

content discovered on Friday, May 08, 2015

Hi everyone! Today’s finish is glitters! I don’t think it really needs an explanation. Glitters come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can have a clear or coloured base. Most times they dry to a rough surface and might need multiple coats of top coat to smooth out. Because glitters in a clear base are usually my favourite but they need to be used as top coats over something else, I decided to pick some glitters that get opaque on their own as examples instead. Ciao a tutti! Oggi per la finishpedi... read more »

Kenapa Anda Harus Jadi Pembeli atau Penjual di ...

content discovered on Friday, May 08, 2015

Suka belanja? Tapi tidak mau ribet, sebab aktivitas yang padat. Kalau begitu belanja di toko online saja. Tapi takut kalau ditipu? Tahukan, sekarang ini penipuan bukan hanya di dunia nyata, di maya pun juga banyak. Jawabannya, Anda ke toko online shopious saja. Di sini Anda tidak akan tertipu, sebab mereka kredibel, profesional, dan sangat menjaga [] read more »

Ellos también se rasuran

content discovered on Thursday, May 07, 2015

Hubo un tiempo en el que depilarse era solo cosa de mujeres y éramos nosotras las que nos comíamos la cabeza con productos, opciones y preguntas sobre nuestra piel. Hubo un tiempo en el que el término rasurarse también pertenecía al sexo femenino y podíamos estar orgullosas de lucir el no pelo en ninguna parte. Que tiempos aquellos Ahora no es que ellos se depilen, es que se afeitan, se rasuran, se pasan la cuchilla y todos aquellos términos que nos eran nuestros en el pasado. Y es que el mundo está del ... read more »

FESTA DELLA MAMMA - Vitamina E by The Body Shop

content discovered on Thursday, May 07, 2015

The Body Shop per la festa della Mamma ha deciso di produrre un packaging limitato per una delle nostre linee viso più amate, la linea alla VITAMINA E, corredata di una novità!! STICK CONTORNO OCCHI ALLA VITAMINA EUno stick contorno occhi anti-affaticamento che rivitalizza e rinfresca l’aspetto del contorno occhi. Attenua le occhiaie e i segni della stanchezza, e l’effetto rinfrescante dello stick massaggiato sotto gli occhi riduce l’aspetto delle borse. € 10,00 EURO INGREDIENTE CHIAVETutta la line... read more »

The Battle of Chiffon Vs Satin

content discovered on Thursday, May 07, 2015

Will you agree if I say it’s hard being a girl or a female? I bet you would. We have so many things to do just to keep up with the world’s standard of beauty and success. Sometimes when I look at all my stuff (clothes, shoes, make-ups, beauty products, bags and other knick-knacks) I end up wondering how did I ever end up having all of them and how can just one person own so many things and the irony of it is that, whether we want to admit it or not, we still want and buy some more to add to our pile of t... read more »

Real Technique Makeup Brushes

content discovered on Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Originally posted on outtheremakeup:Its vital to have the correct tools to apply your makeup. Everyone wants the smooth coverage with no patches or some may say the flawless look. But, the question is, what are the best cosmetic tools to use when applying makeup? Everyone is different with their preferences, for me the best read more »

May the 4th Be With You

content discovered on Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Top from Zara; Shorts from H Bag from LongChamp; Lippie from the Face Shop; Skin Care by Luminisce I can't believe I let May 4 pass by without me doing anything related to Star Wars (CAUSE MAY THE 4TH / FORCE BE WITH YOU). As a real fan, I'm a disgrace++ This blog post is just another OOTD post..... I understand if you to start to leave. HAHAHA but kidding aside, I should just let this week pass by and finally give in to my inner geek to celebrate post-May4. But for now, here's an OOTD of what I wore la... read more »

Beauty Queen Dreams

content discovered on Monday, May 04, 2015

When I was young, I love watching beauty pageants and my favorite part of the program would be the evening gown competition. I always look forward to what the candidates would wear and if they will carry the dresses with such poise and statuesque elegance. I would anticipate the time when the individual scores will be flashed on the screen and I would make some guesses on who might be bagging the “best in evening/long gown.” As the years passed, I still continue to watch beauty pageant and I have notice... read more »

Alona Shechter cosmetici dell' Israele con ingr...

content discovered on Monday, May 04, 2015

Alona Shechterè un'azienda che nasce ad Israele nel 1994, che produce per la salute e la cura del corpo, delle pelle e dei cappelli. Gli ingredienti utilizzati per produrre i cosmetici Alona Shechter sono completamente naturali: dalle combinazioni alle erbe e delle pianti medicinali, ai minerali estratti dal Mar Morto, rinomati per le loro proprietà terapeutiche. I prodotti Alona Shechter sono unici grazie alla loro concentrazione particolarmente elevata di ingredienti attivi e sono concepiti per Uomi... read more »

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