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Recent blog posts on beauty

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Going Out: My Beauty Routine!

content discovered on Monday, May 04, 2015

Even when youre a twenty-something girl living in NYC, going out is not always appealing in winter. But when the weather warms up and the sun starts beaming happiness down at us on a regular basis, going out becomes so much more appealing! Im a model, so on some days (when I have evening photoshoots) Ill just leave on my makeup from the shoot to go out. It makes getting ready much easier! But usually I dont have this kind of setup to get ready before going out: Behind the scenes of a photoshoot, in ... read more »


content discovered on Sunday, May 03, 2015

I’d like to claim that “old” has got a new name these days, and it’s called Vintage! Dressing up in vintage style doesn’t have to look like costume-y. Incorporating classic pieces and clothes with timeless cuts into one’s wardrobe will definitely help achieve a vintage feel. You can never go wrong if you’re thinking of having a vintage style of fashion, after all that’s why it’s revered as timeless. There is also a modern take or interpretation of vintage fashion that won’t make you look like you’ve come... read more »

Haul: April

content discovered on Sunday, May 03, 2015

Nici nu am simtit ca a fost primavara (da, a fost, deja in mai nu mai putem vorbi de primavara). Ba a nins, ba au fost temperaturi mult prea mari mnu. Pacat, acesta este anotimpul meu preferat, cand ma simt cel mai bine, psihic vorbind. Nu am foarte multe sa va arat si, in mod read more »

Cocktail Dresses: A TBdress Review

content discovered on Sunday, May 03, 2015

Besides an LBD, every girl should also own at least one cocktail dress in her wardrobe because you will never know when a situation will call for it. I get stressed (over-reacting here really) when I need to go somewhere and I don’t have anything appropriate to wear and I don’t have enough time to go to the mall and look for an outfit or put together an outfit. This is because I am someone who always mind and plan what I would wear, like on a daily basis. Cocktail dresses are dresses worn by women for c... read more »

Get GLOWING reviews with the Organic Face Blush...

content discovered on Friday, May 01, 2015

With warmer weather, comes the changes in all of us. We wear less clothing, free our feet, and change up our beauty with warmer colors, Read the rest The post Get GLOWING reviews with the Organic Face Blush/Bronzer Duo Giveaway to Win! appeared first on Style Island. read more »

Mother's Day Gift Guide: The Body Shop Vitamin ...

content discovered on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sponsored Review Still cracking you head for what to get for that special woman in your life this Mother's Day? All those sleepless nights and long working hours probably left Mummy looking a little worse for the wear. Puffy eyes, dark under-eye bags. But look no further (see what I did there?) as The Body Shop launches a limited edition designedVitamin E Eye Cubethat's a perfect fatigue fighter for this! I've used the Vitamin E eye gel before when countless late nights finally took their toll on my ... read more »

Radiate with Luminisce Radiance Lift

content discovered on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A week before my birthday, I decided to pay a visit to Luminisce. This is my second time visiting them. I was not disappointed. If you are up to some pampering and relaxing, Luminisce is the best place. For my second visit, I decided to try their newest service, Radiance Lift. The name says it [] The post Radiate with Luminisce Radiance Lift appeared first on The Lifestyle Avenue. read more »

Sheinside Labour Day Sale!

content discovered on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

There’s a quote that says “ collect experiences rather than things”… Yes that’s true, but when you come to think of it, buying things to reward yourself for working hard also somewhat gives a sense of fulfillment. For my case, a part of my earnings go to the money I use to purchase clothes. I am really into clothes, I don’t know why, but even if I already have too many blouses and too many dresses, I can’t still get enough of them. Some people may think it’s being materialistic. But wearing clothes that ... read more »

Travel Blog: China – Schönheit vs Tierleid

content discovered on Monday, April 27, 2015

Hallo liebe Leute, heute habe ich eine schwerwiegende Entscheidung getroffen. Ich habe in China Kosmetik gekauft. Manche von euch werden sich vielleicht fragen, was daran so schlimm ist? Nun, jede Art von Kosmetika, die man in China kauft ist potentiell an Tieren getestet worden. Das gilt auch für Naturkosmetik. Die genaue Gesetzeslage dazu ist für [] read more »

Make Up Days апрель 2015

content discovered on Monday, April 27, 2015

Я заблаговременно купила билеты на два дня Make Up Days, как знала что один день туда не попаду. Место было выбрано отличное Москва-Сити, башня Империя, 13 этаж. Я во второй раз была в Сити. Итак, участники мероприятия: EVAGARDEN ... read more »

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