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Recent blog posts on beauty

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monday.must: Vichy ‘Cellu-Destock’ Serum

content discovered on Monday, April 20, 2015

Big thanks to Kathryn for this weeks monday.must! A product that appeals to most ladies I have been noticing as I get older cellulite has been trickling in ever so much more. I was so excited to try the VICHY CELLU-DESTOCK SERUM FLASH because of its 6% pure caffeine formula said to [] read more »

Go Organic For Your Face! The Organic Face #Rev...

content discovered on Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lash Explosion Mascara in Black from The Organic Face Hello friends! Guess what we get to do?!! Its time for a really cool cosmetics review and giveaway! Special thanks to The Organic Face for providing a sample product of their Lash Explosion Mascara in black for me to review for you today! The Organic [] read more »

Sheinside.com’s Better Than Ever Sale!

content discovered on Saturday, April 18, 2015

I am someone who value my hard-earned money; I always make it a point to bargain hunt or take advantage of sales and discounts. I am not brand conscious either, though I buy branded items but if I can buy stuff that's of the same quality and design but on a much cheaper price I would go for the latter, always. Buying cheaper items doesn’t mean quality is always compromised. Like for example, when I buy clothes if there's a counterpart of a dress from a branded store that I can find online or at bazaars I... read more »

Whipped Coconut Oil

content discovered on Friday, April 17, 2015

By now, everyone who reads my blog is probably aware about how much I love coconut oil. I seriously believe that it is gods gift because I use it for so many things. Like I have previously stated, before I became crazy for coconut oil, I truly thought that it was overrated. Now that Im [] The post Whipped Coconut Oil appeared first on DIY. read more »

Laneige Sleeping Beauty Launch + Review: Lanieg...

content discovered on Friday, April 17, 2015

For one very special night, I was drawn into a the beautiful world of Laneige, where we allowed an exclusive preview of a certain best-selling star product, hosted at the stunning W Singapore. Judging from the theme of the party, can you guess which one can it be? And here are the lovely fellow blogging company I had that night...looking beautiful everyone! Besides schmoozing. we also got to hand-dye our very own bouquet of flowers to bring home. Its pretty simple, you simply pick a color of choice, c... read more »

Garden, Beach or Church Wedding? WeddingShe.com...

content discovered on Friday, April 17, 2015

A wedding only happens in one day, but it takes months to a year to prepare for that single day. There so many aspects in a wedding that guests and spectators have no idea how much hard work is put in to it. The time, stress and the amount of money put into a wedding is to be treated as a big deal because a couple has to squeeze planning and accomplishing a lot of things for their wedding on top of their daily jobs and other personal tasks. So whenever you get invited to a wedding, you must feel honored ... read more »

Shop in the U.S. without Leaving Your Home with...

content discovered on Thursday, April 16, 2015

Shopping online is very convenient for me; I believe it just equates with the time and money I’ll spend if I go to the mall, pay for cab fare and eat a snack if a get hungry walking around. Also there are items from brands that aren’t found in my country or if there’s a local store and most of the time the price is higher and not all stocks are available. Say for example, I want to buy from ASOS, I love items from this online shop especially their dresses but we don’t have a local version or distributor ... read more »

Red apple lipstick, because every woman deserve...

content discovered on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Oggi su DIMMI CON CHI VAI E TI DIRO' CHI SEI torniamo a parlare di un argomento caro a molte di noi: il make up.Lentiggini, rughe, macchie della pelle, impurità..con il fondotinta più adatto e steso ad hoc spariscono in un soffio; piccoli o grandi difetti come labbra sottili, zigomi o profili troppo pronunciati, vengono trasformati come per magia in punti di forza.Un po' di correttore per cancellare occhiaie e segni dello stress, make up occhi per illuminare lo sguardo e un velo di rossetto per rendere l... read more »

When You Lose Your Crowning Glory...

content discovered on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Last November 2014, I wanted to have a new hairstyle and I asked the hair stylist to dye my hair and cut it in a different style. But I ended up with super dark hair and a hair length that didn’t flatter my face shape. It was so frustrating because it made my face look chubbier than it really is. The last time I had my hair that short was in grade school and since then I have worn my hair very long. So after a few months I noticed my hair grows slower than usual, it may have been because from waist lengt... read more »

Painting the Perfect Manicure

content discovered on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Getting a little low on money and trying to save or are you a D.I.Y. Queen?!? Well before you jump into being a nail art Fashionista, lets go back to the basics. Here's what you need to build the perfect simple manicure: Cotton BallsNail Polish RemoverBase CoatNail LacquerNail FileNail ClipperTop Coat When I'm starting off a manicure, I like to clip and file my nails to shape them and bring them all to the same length just for overall look. Having your nails nicely filed also helps in keeping your ... read more »

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