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how could I not see you?

content discovered on Saturday, April 02, 2016

“If the sunset shows its eye to us, will you kiss its pupils?” “I never want to embrace dusk. If it will give me its dawn, then why won’t I have it?” “What will you do when I keep nighttime in my head?” For a while, you turned reluctant. The chains kissed the rusts and [] read more »

Relaxing Colorful Bush and Leaf Images

content discovered on Thursday, March 31, 2016

amazing read more »

Opificio San Nilo

content discovered on Thursday, March 31, 2016

L’Opificio San Nilo nasce dall’iniziativa di un farmacista italiano, il Dr. Luigi Macchiagòdena, di creare cosmetici ipoallergenici dal sapore di un tempo, semplici e naturali, rispettosi della natura e di chi li utilizza. Il processo produttivo attinge a piene mani dai fiori, dalle piante e dai frutti e vanta lavorazioni artigianali, alcune delle quali vengono ancora svolte a mano. I prodotti proprio a causa della loro genuinità vanno consumati in un periodo di tempo non superiore ai tre/quattro mesi ... read more »

Персонализированная коробочка TrendyBox март 20...

content discovered on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Привет мои читатели и гости бьюти-блога:) Сегодня покажу коробочкуTrendyBox март 2016, которую собрали специально для меня Люды Тищенко. Ах, как же это приятно получить персональную коробочку:)))) Но давайте посмотрим, что же кроется под этим красивым голубым бантом. Немного о сервисеTrendyBox, поскольку это моя первая коробочка этого сервиса, расскажу о нем. Это коробочка персонализированная под тип кожи и волос, для того, что бы получить нужные средства, стоит правильно заполнить анкету на сайтеTrend... read more »

Take a Beauty Break at Angelo David Salon

content discovered on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

As excited as we all get for warmer months to approach, city folk know that with that comes several island pet peeves. For one, walking Read the rest The post Take a Beauty Break at Angelo David Salon appeared first on Style Island. read more »

The beauty within you and me

content discovered on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I’m not like you, you’re not like me. We both just want to be who we want to be. We all feel lost, we all feel alone. We will live our lives and get stories of our own. We all feel love, we all feel despair. We all want a taste of love so rare. In this life I hope you see the beauty that is within you and me. ©Amanda Catherine read more »

i let the smokes fill my empty lungs. (sunday p...

content discovered on Sunday, March 27, 2016

I placed my suitcase on the empty plastic chair beside me—I paid for it just so nobody would seat. I tried to remember what I might have forgotten in his house—so far, none. I brought my rage with me. I pulled out a stick and lit its end. I took all the white fogs and [] read more »

you make me lose hope.

content discovered on Friday, March 25, 2016

The rain drops your sorrow tunes; they sing the lyrics of your woe. Who am I to whine about the truth of how we fell apart? The land sips your bleeding tears, to mock me and make me the suspect of our crime. I resort to the trees, but they flap their wings high. I [] read more »

Liferia март 2016 - Bright days!

content discovered on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Всем привет! Продолжаем призывать весну всеми доступными способами, поднимаем настроение, радуемся солнышку, травке и первым цветочкам! А еще заряжаемся позитивом от прекрасного наполнения мартовской коробочки красоты Liferia Bright days! Как всегда, ярко-розовая коробочка, приятные слова приветствия на милой открытке. В этот раз еще шуршащая бумага и бантик - милота и приятность для девочек! Кроме открытки и описания продуктов, есть еще полезные рекомендации для подготовки себя к весне. Прочитала все ... read more »

I thought you lips spoke the rivers;

content discovered on Saturday, March 19, 2016

I listened to the sound of the river’s ripples. The rush of crystal’s excitement filled my hollow hearing. I sat on the slippery land beside the blue fluids—could I catch your name when it flowed with the water? Behind my bruised back, the dark forest lingered to smother me with its branches and hymns. Every [] read more »

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