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Bad news: Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease

content discovered on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

This morning I felt horrible. I could hardly move around. I was dizzy, my muscles were very weak, there was some dull heeadache, brainfog,and a lot more was wrong.My blood pressure was OK, heart rate slightly higher than usual, and the saturation was changing from 94 to 98% and back.Reviewing everything I expected the problems due to the kidney insufficiencyI always had good kidneys until I started to experience the effects of the heart medication. Maybe by that time the consequences of the heartfailure ... read more »

My road

content discovered on Thursday, July 06, 2017

The other day i was talking with a friend and she said, when she heard that I was volunteering, while I in fact needed to take some rest: 'Hun, which road are you taking?'It made me think of a poem that was taught at school. I loved it so much, that I had it printed and put it on my desk.My gram and I often talked about traveling through life, that we have to take our own road and not do what others do.It has been my inspiration through life. Made me realize I have to stay the person I m, and stay true t... read more »

傑 ‧ 2歲11個月

content discovered on Tuesday, July 04, 2017

完成反意句型練習,過去幾個月每次大人們跟傑說話,傑總愛用唱反調句子回答,比如說:再不快一點就來不及出門了,傑就回答:要來不及出門,或者,要求跟大家說再見,傑就回答:不要說再見,反正許多話都是以反意的句子回應,本來覺得傑是故意這樣回的,後來發現傑似乎是在回應別人的話,但又找不到適當的句子,乾脆就都把每個句子改為反意來回應,這個月傑這樣的現象較為緩和了,大概比較知道如何用適當的句子來回應,況且每當媽咪發現傑是故意說反話時就會提醒傑把正確的話再說一次,所以說反話的現象已減少許多。 能接受指令調整行為,這部分也包含了前面提到的說反意句,此外還有睡覺時間到了還不躺好、吃飯時還一邊玩球...等,以往當傑出現不符常規的情形時,傑都不願意一次就聽從,要經過大哭或被交換條件才願意,現在經過溝通後傑就能適當妥協,調整自己的行為。 扮家家酒式的自言自語,語言發展已到了能敘述情境的階段,所以傑一個人的時候,有時會聽到他在說著日常生活中別人和他說話的情境,一人分飾兩角在說話。 作粽子,福幼班在端午節的上課主題裡安排了作粽子裝飾品的活動,傑第一次包粽子,雖然不是真的,但透過折紙做出粽子的形狀,我想粽子的造型對傑... read more »

I hate my medication

content discovered on Monday, July 03, 2017

When my heart gave up, I was turned into a pill eating machine.I know these clusters of chemicals keep me alive, but that doesn't mean I love them for it. Not at all.They take a lot of my time and attention. 4 times a day I have to remember to take them, if I want or not, regardless of the place or situation. I've learned to take them with a piece of bread or something like that, because water is not always available.It's not possible to take all boxes and pots with me, so I have to fill special boxes.So... read more »

How I Got My Start In Blogging

content discovered on Monday, July 03, 2017

This is the second day of the blog challenge I have accepted. A suggestion to write about is how one got started doing niche or business. That is real easy for meto answer. I have always enjoyed writing. I first started writing on a website called Gather. I learned a lotfrom writers on Gather. I am still friends on Facebook and other writings websites with many of them. I still keep in contact from time to time. One day I wish to travel and meet my online friends. When Gather closed many of the members... read more »

Like he had to reinvent the world

content discovered on Sunday, July 02, 2017

Understanding a bit of dementia It's half a year now, since he left the house, and I'm still dealing with the peculiarities of his dementia.The 115 pairs of new socks have found a place, the enormous piles of blouses too. But I'm still dealing with the chaos he's created in the world of money.I tried to be polite and kind when stopping memberships he didn't need anymore.I've got plenty of bills over the past months of memberships he's told me he's stopped.I tied to explain the situation and most of them... read more »

Дружественная раскрутка блога!

content discovered on Saturday, July 01, 2017

Если я пишу о чём-то конкретном, например о моде, мне нужно обязательно найти несколько блоггеров, которых я буду читать, которые будут вдохновлять меня и учить чему-то новому. И это нужно не только для того, чтобы развиваться мне, но и для того чтобы развивать мой блог. Все знают о дружественных комментариях, и прочих взаимных моментах, которые помогают привлечь в свой блог читателя, интересующегося определённой темой. Блоггеров, которые пишут о моде, очень много, и найти их не составляет особого труда... read more »

2017 July Ultimate Blog Challenge

content discovered on Saturday, July 01, 2017

Photo from a free photo sharing website.I accepted a Blogging challenge to write a new post every day for the month of July. Even on the weekends when I mainly give up. Today July 1st is thevery first day of the blogging challenge. I signed up for the last challenge but was unable to complete it due to a personal issue that I have written a few posts about. It was something that affected me so much, I could not write. For the first time in my life, I had writer's block because I was feeling... read more »

What to do with birthdays?

content discovered on Friday, June 30, 2017

It was so easy when the children were small. I just planned a birthday, with a cake, visitors, decorations and the whole lot, and whatever happened that day, the child was happy.When they were a bit older, they had wishes, ideas and dreams. A princes's birthday, no visitors, but cake at a railwaystation, a day in the swimmingpool with icecream, and fries at the skatinghall.We've went through it all. The privilege of a large family.In puberty some of them disappeared. Wanted to go to the movies with their... read more »

The re-examination

content discovered on Thursday, June 29, 2017

The government has decided that more people with special needs should get a job.So today my classic autistic son needed to be re-examined.The meeting was a combination of the present need for re-examination and a regular re-examination because his evaluation isn't right.A few years ago I went with him for his first evaluation. We were accompanied by a very handsome and friendly woman of a care-organisation.We expected he would be considered to be unable to work.But the doctor who evaluated his case didn'... read more »

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