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Book Review – The Power Of Authentic Online Rev...

content discovered on Monday, October 09, 2017

Who knew that authentic online reviews could be so powerful?  As business owners, do you seriously think about the reviews that your customers leave on your site? Well according to Tom Kenemore, online reviews The post Book Review The Power Of Authentic Online Reviews appeared first on Concierge Librarian. read more »

Book review: The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me, ...

content discovered on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

“The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me”is a delightful book about a young boy named Billy who meets three amazing animals, a giraffe, a monkey and a pelican and together they get up to some thrilling adventures. Billy often stood outside a queer, old building and wondered about its past and the shops it used to hold. One day strange things begin to happen inside the building. Billy then meets the Giraffe, Pelly and the Monkey who were the new owners. They were no ordinary animals and had started theLadderles... read more »

Book review: Goodbye Mr. Chips, by James Hilton

content discovered on Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Cover of the UK first edition Once in a while you come across a book which you read with tears in your eyes and a smile upon your lips. Among its pages, you meet characters so memorable and warm that their memories stay with you long after the last pages have been turned and the book placed back upon the shelf. One such book that I have read is "Goodbye Mr Chips" by James Hilton. Goodbye, Mr. Chips is a short novella about a school teacher affectionately called Mr Chips and chronicles his life. Mr C... read more »

4 X 4 Diet – Book Review

content discovered on Saturday, May 07, 2016

4 X 4 Diet The 4 X 4 Diet is a book that anyone could use but I would say it is most suitable for beginners. Erin Oprea does a great job of breaking The post 4 X 4 Diet Book Review appeared first on Concierge Librarian. read more »

The Gift of Rest – Leaders Rest

content discovered on Saturday, May 07, 2016

Leaders Rest Is Crucial Leaders Rest – that thing many leaders know about but pretend it does not exist. I am glad someone took the time to speak to Christians about how important it The post The Gift of Rest Leaders Rest appeared first on Concierge Librarian. read more »

Clean – Book Review

content discovered on Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Clean by Amy Reed Summary by Amy Reed: Olivia, Kelly, Christopher, Jason, and Eva have one thing in common: Theyre addicts. Addicts who have hit rock bottom and been stuck together in rehab to face their problems, face sobriety, and face themselves. None of them wants to be there. None of them wants to confront [] read more »

Dangerous Love – Book Review

content discovered on Tuesday, April 05, 2016

I have spent several years as an expat but this pales in comparison to the life of Ray Norman and his family. The title “Dangerous Love” is truly fitting for this book! What happens read more »

The Skeleton Garden by Marty Wingate - #review

content discovered on Monday, March 21, 2016

USA Todaybestselling author Marty Wingate’s Potting Shed series continues as expert gardener Pru Parke digs up a Nazi warplane—and a fresh murder.Texas transplant Pru Parke has put down roots in England, but she never dreamed she’d live in a grand place such as Greenoak. When her former employers offer Pru and her new husband, former Detective Chief Inspector Christopher Pearse, the use of their nineteenth-century estate while they’re away for a year, she jumps at the chance. Sweetening the deal is the p... read more »

The Semester of Our Discontent by Cynthia Kuhn ...

content discovered on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

English professor Lila Maclean is thrilled about her new job at prestigious Stonedale University, until she finds one of her colleagues dead. She soon learns that everyone, from the chancellor to the detective working the case, believes Lila—or someone she is protecting—may be responsible for the horrific event, so she assigns herself the task of identifying the killer.More attacks on professors follow, the only connection a curious symbol at each of the crime scenes. Putting her scholarly skills to the ... read more »

These Broken Stars – Book Review

content discovered on Sunday, March 13, 2016

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman Meagan Spooner Summary by Amie Kaufman Meagan Spooner: Its a night like any other on board the Icarus. Then, catastrophe strikes: the massive luxury spaceliner is yanked out of hyperspace and plummets into the nearest planet. Lilac LaRoux and Tarver Merendsen survive. And they seem to be [] read more »

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