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Vieques - Isabel II Mayor's Office from Rivera ...

content discovered on Friday, March 27, 2015

Mayor's Office - Stage OneOur painting location on this daywas in the middle ofthetown square in Isabel II, Vieques, Puerto Rico. It was sunny and 82 degrees with a gentle breeze. Ahhh, yes! The big old trees in the plaza cast pretty blue shadows on the pinkish concrete pathways. Most of the buildings were stucco in pastel colors and just as pretty as can be. This trip truly was a dream come true. Mayor's Office - Stage TwoThe bright warm colors in the buildings and street were screaming to be pain... read more »

Vieques Beachchair Under Palm

content discovered on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stage OneYes that beach chair was mine.We had just discovered a sandy path to the shore in the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge. At the end of the road was a deserted beach anda covered gazebo (good for sheltering during the two passing tropical showers we had).The conditions weren't as perfect as the first two Vieques paint-outs, but I'll take a quick shot of wind and rain with 82 degrees over anything New England has dished out in the past six months! Downpour ComingIn this painting the sun and sou... read more »

Linha de Coloração Light Color proporciona cabe...

content discovered on Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Salon Line apresenta fórmula exclusiva que pode ser usada em cabelos normais e com química Desenvolvida especialmente para mulheres vaidosas e que estão sempre antenadas nas cores da estação, aSalon Line, uma das maiores fabricantes de cosméticos do Brasil, traz ao mercado a linha de coloraçãoLight Color,com exclusivo Efeito Gloss e fórmula sem amônia, que cobre e trata os fios proporcionando brilho extraordinário e cor luminosa. Light Colorapresenta fórmula enriquecida com óleo de damasco e extrato ... read more »

Mustard Look

content discovered on Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Primavera ven ya!! El pasado fin de semana tuvimos unas temperaturas super primaverales, y me animé a llenar de color mi look. Para ello utilicé una camiseta que compré en rebajas de Zara pensando en el buen tiempo. Tiene un color mostaza muy vivo y una caída suelta, que no aprieta ni marca.Quería que fuera la protagonista del look, asi que añadí unos jeans en blanco con los que aún resaltaba más el color de la camiseta.No quería añadir chaqueta;se estaba tan bien en la calle.!!!Asi que cogí un foulard p... read more »

Эти глаза напротив: Объемная тушь для ресниц Co...

content discovered on Friday, February 20, 2015

Я все еще нахожусь в поисках своей идеальной-любимой-ни-на-что-не-променяю туши для ресниц, поэтому на тестирование нового продукта марки согласилась, не раздумывая. Из трех предложенных вариантов я выбрала объемную тушь, ведь моим ресничкам (и большинству моих клиентов) чаще всего не хватает как раз объема)) Тушь упакована в глянцевый пластиковый тюбик объемом 10 мл. Оформление мне понравилось, не наляпистое, но довольно яркое и запоминающееся. На обороте есть наклейка с описанием, составом и другой... read more »


content discovered on Saturday, February 07, 2015

Amigos, dibujar un ojo en realidad no es tan difícil si simplemente observamos con detenimiento su estructura. En este blog tengo un tutorial: COMO DIBUJAR EL OJO HUMANO muy explicativo sobre el tema. La lección es para dibujarlo en blanco y negro por eso ahora he realizado un video-tutorial en donde dibujo otro ojo pero ahora a todo color, utilizando para ello marcadores de colores. Solo uso seis colores porque considero que son suficientes para lograr una amplia gama de matices y tonos. Espero les r... read more »

The Shallop

content discovered on Wednesday, February 04, 2015

The ShallopThe Plymouth Harbor waterfront is a fine plein air location for many reasons including the endless variety of subjects, pleasantbay breezes, prime parking and lotsoffoot traffic. I started this painting back in Septemberen plein airbutI recallthis being my second painting that day and I had run out of time. I was happy to have captured the sky, water and the shape of theboats before packing up. Every pastel shade of grey seemed to have been bouncing aroundthat day. Being somewhat snowbound thi... read more »

Sunrise Along the Channel - Green Harbor

content discovered on Monday, January 26, 2015

I was out extra early on this day because the weather forecast was calling for rain starting in the morning. The wide open expanse along the shore allows a long view of approaching clouds. The sun broke over the horizon shining for only about thirty minutes before being obscured for the rest of the day. For the few moments of sunshine, everything was bathed in a gorgeous red-orange light. Sunrise Along the ChannelThere is a lobsterman's house on the Green Harbor side of the channel and during the wi... read more »

Color Intense Nail Therapy Масло для ногтей и к...

content discovered on Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Как известно, кашу маслом не испортишь. Могу то же самое сказать и про кутикулу)))) И сегодня хочу познакомить Вас с ароматным и солнечным маслицем от Colour Intense, которое пришлось по вкусу моим ручкам)) Потрясающий цитрусовый аромат просто очаровал меня при первом открытии бутылочки, я же еще тот любитель вкусняшек.Нууу, так нельзя, его же выпить хочется))) Масло упаковано в квадратный флакончик с кисточкой. Закрывается плотно (я носила в сумке, без потерь). Объем 13 мл, масло очень экономичное, п... read more »

Market Square

content discovered on Wednesday, January 07, 2015

A few months ago, I put a sharp corner of a framed painting through the middle of a large (30 x 48 inch) in-progress painting. I may have shared that sad story back when it happened? I pulled the ripped canvas off the stretcher bars,sized up a nice new length ofgesso'dlinen,and stretched it again. I toned it with a mid-value neutral color.That was several months ago -and there it sat.Theweather was nice as a plein air painter, I enjoyed plenty of beautiful daysoutside. Market Street - Stage OneAs ... read more »

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