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FREE Counting Bear Activity Collection

content discovered on Thursday, September 21, 2017

Number sense can be such a tricky concept for kids. Luckily there are some pretty amazing teachers that have some tricks up their sleeve! We have compiled this free list here, just for you! Read on! Check out these amazing and COMPLETELY FREE teaching tools for early childhood education or for special education! Check here [] The post FREE Counting Bear Activity Collection appeared first on My Creative Inclusion. read more »

Empathy in the Classroom; Where to begin?

content discovered on Thursday, July 27, 2017

As teachers, one of the most confusing things that our students will ask us is ‘Why does Sarah get an easier test?’ or ‘Why does John get a different project?’. Children at a young age don’t understand that some of their classmates might have a harder, more difficult time learning the same things as themselves. [] The post Empathy in the Classroom; Where to begin? appeared first on My Creative Inclusion. read more »

Global Indian International School (GIIS) to ho...

content discovered on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Global Indian International School (GIIS) hosts OPEN HOUSE for its New School in Dubai at Address Hotel Global Indian The post Global Indian International School (GIIS) to host OPEN HOUSE for its New School in Dubai appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »

42. Study ethics

content discovered on Sunday, July 16, 2017

I would love to have the opportunity to study ethics.It has been of the main subject in my life.When I was young, my uncles loved to discuss ethical matters like war, resistance. We sat for hours discussing things, while my gram gave us coffee, tea, lemonade and her home baked cookies.Often she would sit with me later in the week, reviewing the discussion, giving advice.At university I often found myself discussion matters with my fellow students and professors.It was in a time that feminists were lookin... read more »

Why Special Education Students Shouldn’t have S...

content discovered on Friday, July 07, 2017

Unintended consequences of having students in Special Education doing “jobs” at school. It’s a common practice and a common belief that we are teaching “life skills” and “job skills” to students with significant disabilities in school by having them do janitorial work. At a training I was conducting a few weeks ago this [] The post Why Special Education Students Shouldnt have School Jobs. appeared first on My Creative Inclusion. read more »

Top 10 Technology Tools for Special Education T...

content discovered on Sunday, July 02, 2017

The use of technology in our classrooms today are becoming more and more present in everything our students do. We create lessons and activities using all different types of technology, apps and devices. The majority of our students can use these different digital platforms with the greatest of ease; they use them almost, if not [] The post Top 10 Technology Tools for Special Education Teachers! appeared first on My Creative Inclusion. read more »

And we saw daughter 2, finally.

content discovered on Friday, June 23, 2017

After a hectic day we dressed up and went to the ballet performances. Far too early, because we expected problems on the road.Celine Dion was about to give a concert that evening in a huge venue, and we had to drive on the road leading to the venue to reach the bridge near the academy.We thought traffic would come to a standstill, but it didn't. We had some slow traffic with people changing lanes without signalling it, but it was at the place where they were guiding all cars for the concert to the right,... read more »

Art & architecture

content discovered on Thursday, June 22, 2017

Quite some years ago my second son was a student at the dance academy.Often people could find me there participating in activities to improve either his school and the academy.It was a time of money and plans. and because I had some architecture courses at the university I was invited in the building commission, first of the school and soon after of the new to build academy.I enjoyed working for the school. The architect was an old man, with lots of knowledge and a good insight in what the school needed.... read more »

We only saw one of them!

content discovered on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The dance academy offers lots of opportunities for students to be creative, but there isn't enough tuition about the influence of their actions on the public.Most of the time it's about messy performances, chaos on the floor and completely not artistic issues.This time the decision was made to have a couple of performances at the same time and the public was supposed to walk between them.We got a very large leaflet, with lots of test, two schedules, one with a lot of text, and the message when we arrived... read more »

Heatwave 2017

content discovered on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We're dealing with a heatwave.And 'we' in a broad sense. Even in England the temperatures are at a high that is seldom seen.I believe London has its warmest day in 20 years.Here temps are above 30 degrees Celsius.I opened the door and it was like pushing against a wall and then someone pushing a pillow in my face.Laundry doesn't dry in the wind, it's steamed dry.The brambles dry before they become fruit, the red berries are already dark red and juicy and the clay is drying out and killing all new life in... read more »

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