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Google Translate:Epic FAIL!!!

content discovered on Thursday, May 08, 2014

O imagine face cat o mie de cuvinte.Dar ce te faci cand cuvintele,pe romaneste,se p$%^ pe tine?! :( Am implementat(sa vorbesc asa,elevat) un widget care mi s-a parut a fi foarte folositor pentru straini,pentru cei care nu ne cunosc limba dupa ce am observat faptul ca 1/3 din vizitatorii blogului sunt din SUA. Nah...Bad idea!Nu numai ca Mr. Goagăl isi bate joc de noi b-) si ne ofera o traducere de tot rasul:((inteleg,e greu sa tii pasul cu romanii) dar ne si amuza fantastic faptul ca unele asocieri sunt ... read more »

Google translate to note in your script

content discovered on Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Found this out while trying google translate, maybe this was something unknown only to me, but still ... I had set translation from Bengali to English, and then you are supposed to key in the bengali words in the left pane and get the translation in the right pane. I did not know how to type in the bengali words (in bengali font), so out of whim I typed it in english alphabets (e,g. aami khabar khete jacchi). Now this is typically what I would do if I did not have bengali fonts, or more importantly I wa... read more »

Google : The Gentle Giant of The Internet

content discovered on Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Google Earth. Google Books. Google Maps. Google is one of the most powerful brands in the world. Apart from (the world’s most popular search engine), they’ve got so much to offer. Here are a few of their web-based services: Google Books was introduced in 2004. This is a massive database of more than 15 million books. You can read the books online or download them for free. Google Maps was launched in 2005. You can use it to check out restaurants, visit places in the city, or plan your next... read more »

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