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The Liebster Award!!!

content discovered on Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe I have this opportunity after only blogging such a short time! Nevertheless I am beyond greatful and appreciative for this!! ThanksMamma B!! 🙂 If you could re-live just one day of your life, which day would you choose and why? This is a tricky one I want to say [] read more »

Do you and your spouse have communication probl...

content discovered on Sunday, November 12, 2017

Communication problems- the death sentence for alot of relationships, mine could of easily been included in this statistic. You see Ive always been a shy person and didnt really speak my mind often, my husband was the same way! Weird right? Of course being in a relationship with each other we talked alot lol but [] read more »

Ashlee or Mommy, who am I?

content discovered on Sunday, November 12, 2017

Have you ever forgotten who you actually are, like outside of mom or mommy . Like where did Ashlee go? I mean I know she has to be here somewhere right? Where did the girl who loved to sleep until atleast 930-10 am everyday go, the girl that people called smiley and happy because she [] read more »


content discovered on Saturday, October 21, 2017

Howdy folks!♥Anyone who creates havoc in another person's life and/or causes another pain, unpleasantness, stress, grief, etc., in my book is a MONSTER!♥"Monster"(image pending)Everywhere I go a monster tags along,No matter what I do, everything is wrong.It seems he has attached himself to my life, to me,No matter what I do, I can't of him shake free.I do not wish to slay the monster,He just needs to get a life,One that doesn't cause meAll this stress and strife.His life must be a pathetic oneIf it's so ... read more »


content discovered on Saturday, October 14, 2017

Greetings and welcome!♥Loving another is not about changing another but is about seeing their best qualities and encouraging them to use their best qualities, attributes, to represent and accentuate the best version of themselves.♥ PNG url:"Pursuing a notion to change another,Is not ever the way to Love.Instead, encourage one to be themselves... read more »


content discovered on Thursday, October 05, 2017

Howdy folks!♥Humanity's greatest weakness is the human ego. At the root of our problems is the human ego. The greatest hindrance with solving our problems is the human ego. We're divided because of human ego. We attack and violate others, we infringe on others, we demean, harass and bully others, we steal from others, we impose on others, we lie to and cheat others, we blame others, we hate others, etc., etc., because we elect to please and appeal to our ego, because denying our ego power requires streng... read more »

Kin Folk (My Lovely Family)

content discovered on Saturday, September 30, 2017

I love my mothers side of the family people like them dont come around so often. I am so proud of them, to be related to them, and that I am of them and that they are of me as we all have our own unique identities that also draws within us our connection. Knowing [] read more »

Learning to Fly:  Get the Family Involved in so...

content discovered on Friday, September 29, 2017

Playing with a drone can be tons of fun for the entire family! As engaging as these flying gadgets can be, it can also be quite challenging to get it right, especially if you’ve never interacted with one before. But did you know there are specialized drone flying schools out there that can teach you [] The post Learning to Fly:  Get the Family Involved in some Flying Lessons for Your New Drone appeared first on The Tottering Mama. read more »

Celebration time!!

content discovered on Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sooo my big news? Dioneia and myself have been working together to manifest this beautiful sacred space. It's been challenging and it's been magical how it ended up to be. We've both learned a lot and are STILL learning along the way. :)We've felt the call to create a sacred space, not a business center. This space serves the higher source, the divine Mother, the Father, the I Am, the highest Source of truth. This is a temple where all can come for healing, empowerment and to find their voice again. It i... read more »


content discovered on Saturday, September 09, 2017

Greetings and welcome!♥When we're attracted to someone, it takes a lot of courage to tell them how we feel about them, if we don't know how they feel about us. It's the unknown we fear the most. But if we never get up the courage to tell them, we can't ever know if they are the one. So often two people lose/waste years that they could have been sharing their life with because of fear of how they would be received by the one they're attracted to.There is no guarantee with most everything in life. Every ne... read more »

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