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Recent blog posts on luck

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I’m a very lucky guy

content discovered on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I like it when people challenge my ideas and opinions. If I can’t defend my position, then I need to re-evaluate and modify … or just plain change my mind! After my presentation at a recent conference, someone challenged me on the role of luck in my life … During THE SENSEI LEADER keynote, I [] read more »

EPMD – Symphony 2000 ft. Redman, Method Man, La...

content discovered on Saturday, December 06, 2014

EPMD Symphony 2000 was the lead single released from EPMDs sixth album, Out of Business. The song was produced by Erick Sermon and featured verses from EPMDs labelmates, Redman, Method Man and Lady Luck. Symphony 2000 was EPMDs last charting single, making it to the RB and rap charts. The post EPMD Symphony 2000 ft. Redman, Method Man, Lady Luck appeared first on Hip-Hop 99. read more »

The Black Cat Dilemna

content discovered on Tuesday, March 04, 2014

It was cold this evening as I took my dog out for her evening pre-bed piddle. The last 24 hours have turned the great city of Nashville into frozen tundra, so naturally I was ready to go back inside to my apartment that is heated to a perfect 72 degrees Fahrenheit. As we turned to [] read more »

Fada Laapsi - (Gujarati Pressure Cooker Recipe)

content discovered on Thursday, December 12, 2013

Blogging Marathon# 35Week2Day3 Theme :Pressure Cooker RecipesCourse : Dessert My today's post all time favourite of Gujarati's and a must sweet during auspicious occasions such as marriages, house-warning ceremony, any feast to celebrate birth of a child or during kesh mundan etc, laapsi is a must and in olden days the menu without laapsi was considered as incomplete. Laapsi is made from broken wheat known as dalia, slowly roasted in ghee and cooked in milk and sugar. But in today's era people are slo... read more »

Winning Prize from

content discovered on Thursday, September 19, 2013

When I started blogging I always wondered why some bloggers seem to bring home a prize from a giveaway. I said to myself, how they do that when I always join giveaways but win nearly nothing and others are so lucky winning solely to luck.Are they using some tactics to improve their odds?It's a great match joining Francramon Giveaway, entitled: has a new look Trying my luck. I've joined the said giveaway by following all the given instructions. Most important thing is to answer this questi... read more »

Friday the 13th. Ooer!

content discovered on Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (Photo credit: Wikipedia) You write fiction. In that occupation you probably have, as one aim, the spreading of your ideas and opinions. We are all storytellers, but we also tend to be preachers, if we’re absolutely honest with ourselves. Those subjects that most engage us form the themes of our stories. And our opinions about those themes permeate the text, whether we intend it or not. But, as authors in the electronic age, we’re expected to promote ourselves and our ... read more »

You are not Alone - Jewelry that Gives you Stre...

content discovered on Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sometimes you need a reminder that things are going to be ok. We all have those days when we see a challenge coming. For some people, they are able to find strength or solace in wearing a piece of jewelry that has meaning to them. For me, it's a necklace. This necklace contains a tiny blue charm of the Virgin Mary. For her, there was no choiceWhen my mother was pregnant with me, there were some difficulties. A tumor was discovered alongside the baby. The doctor offered to operate, but my mother didn't w... read more »

Luck . . . .

content discovered on Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bad Luck Everything's based on the LUCK, Many times it gonna SUCK, The happiness of your life, And it will make you STRIVE. Luck will make you cry, Till your end until you DIE. Your life is PRECIOUS, And you are gracious. You will try leading it well, And your luck will make it HELL. Take luck as a boon, And you will feel this soon, Luck can be good not always bad, It can kill the DIFFICULTIES you had. But don't ever RELY on luck, Or else it gonna stuck. You are your own BOSS, So you wi... read more »

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