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Aircel Innovates with its Campaigns to Attract ...

content discovered on Sunday, July 03, 2016

Mobile data has become a tool to connect and fares better than voice data.  Aircel invited us for #AircelBlogUpChennai meet at the Part Hotel to give us an insight into the industry statistics and its product offerings.  It was an interesting meet with Mr. Sunil Kuttam, Head – Data Devices taking us through a presentation [] read more »

Stormfall Age of War Strategy Game Review

content discovered on Sunday, June 26, 2016

Title: Stormfall Age of War Genre: Strategy Game Developer: Plarium Platform: You can play it directly in your computer browser. Or they also have a mobile app for both android and IOS when you are on the go. Where to Get the Game: Its free to play and you can find the apps or browser Continue reading Stormfall Age of War Strategy Game Review read more »

How EMV Ruined Apple Pay

content discovered on Friday, June 24, 2016

Everyone who experienced transactions through the Apple Pay knew that the process was fairly simple and elegant. There are no network connection needed. No need to find an app, launch an app or log in.Customers need only to hold their phone at the end of the transaction, place their fingers ever so briefly on the button for a split second, and a comforting "Done" icon says they are finished. Everything took only a few minutes to finish until a few days ago, when several major chains in the United Sates m... read more »

Petunjuk Lengkap Penggunaan Fitur Home Pada Apl...

content discovered on Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Selamat pagi sobat blogger, jumpa lagi dengan saya di hari yang cerah ini. Saya harap semuanya dalam keadaan sehat walafiat dan suasana hati yang gembira 😄. Pagi ini, saya ingin menulis tentang manfaat apa saja yang dapat kita peroleh dari menu Home yang terdapat dalam aplikasi Garda Mobile Medcare. Sudah tahu tentang aplikasi pintar ini? Jika belum, Anda dapat membaca ulasan saya sebelumnya di link berikutGarda Mobile Medcare.Tampilan menu Home pada aplikasi pintar ini dapat dilihat pada gambar di ba... read more »

Garda Mobile Medcare: Aplikasi Pintar Penunjang...

content discovered on Friday, June 17, 2016

Pernahkah Anda menjumpai aplikasi di smartphone yang memberi kemudahan akses menuju gaya hidup sehat? Asuransi Astra mengeluarkan aplikasi baru yang diberi nama Garda Mobile Medcare. Aplikasi ini dapat dengan mudah diunduh di google store dengan keyword search "garda mobile medcare." Aplikasi ini sangat lengkap fiturnya dan mudah digunakan. Fitur-fitur utamanya terdiri dari 5 bagian yaitu: Home, Profile, Near Me, Knowledge, dan Setting. Tampilan Homenya seperti gambar di bawah ini: Dalam laman Hom... read more »

Romantic Diary Anime Otome Dressup Game Dating ...

content discovered on Tuesday, June 07, 2016

I just discovered, Romantic Diary, an anime Otome Dating Sim which is part Dressup Game, part Visual Novel, part Cooking Game, and has an extensive crafting system. At the core, this game looks quite similar to Hello Nikki! Which I reviewed here. However, it seems to have more robust features, and a heavier emphasis on Continue reading Romantic Diary Anime Otome Dressup Game Dating Sim with Cooking and Crafting read more »

Chain of hotels that included virtual movies fo...

content discovered on Friday, June 03, 2016

Hotel chain Strip in Las Vegas, USA, announced that this year the room service menu will include the possibility of paying a special package for viewing movies on headsets or glasses virtual reality. Why CHOICE, HUSA and NH need .HOTEL .HOTEL Top-Level Sep 13, 2010 These findings not only affect hotel chain [] read more »

Contactless Payment On The Rise in U.K.

content discovered on Friday, May 27, 2016

It seems that the United Kingdom will be the worlds first cashless society, with payments in physical currency making up less than half of all consumer purchases for the first time last year.This is according to a new study from Payments UK, and reported by The Guardian, which says that the number of contactless payments made in 2015 tripled compared to 2014. A separate study released a few days ago by the UK Cards Association estimated that one in seven transactions in the UK are made using contactless ... read more »

This Week on the Forums – Nintendo Announces Fi...

content discovered on Friday, April 29, 2016

This Week on the Forums Nintendo Announces Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing Mobile Apps Plus Card Captor Sakura Manga Sequel Coming in June Both of these stories are too short to put on the blog by themselves but they deserve your attention. Short news bytes like this can be discovered over on Continue reading This Week on the Forums Nintendo Announces Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing Mobile Apps Plus Card Captor Sakura Manga Sequel Coming in June read more »

6 myths about flying

content discovered on Friday, April 22, 2016

Fed up with seeing that people believe all sorts of wonders related of flying, the pilot decided to dismantle at least some of these myths that continue to scare many and fueling fear of traveling by air. Confessions of a Pilot: Debunking the Biggest Air Travel Myths Commercial air travel has long been a breeding ground for myths, urban legends, and plain old misunderstandings. Most of what people think they know about flying is wrong, and certain notions just never seem to die. Below are just a few of t... read more »

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