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Rodeo, Rodeo, wherefore art thou Rodeo?

content discovered on Monday, April 09, 2012

Looking for some Rodeo Fun? You're at the right site! The Province of Masbate is known as the Cattle Country of the Philippines and I am proud tohail from this Province! I am a proud Masbateño and I am inviting you to come, ride, rope and rule with us! Yahtigidigtigidig! Yahtigidigtigidig! Yup, yup you read the sound of the horses with that! But wouldn't it be better to hear them rather than just read it? Well today marks the start of our annual Rodeo Masbateño Festival! Yes, we are the Province that... read more »

SOS when it rains?

content discovered on Monday, January 30, 2012

Livingin a tropical country requires outfits that are light, breezy and comfortable, lest you'd want to be sweating non-stop.I know there are air condition provisions, yet still, fashion revelations would shy away from heavy and layered outfits as we would normally transfer from one place to another, then requiring short walks under the sun. This is true most especially in our Province, the beautiful Masbate, an island surrounded by white sand beaches, hence the usual humid weather that we have which usu... read more »

The Provincial Government of Masbate presents A...

content discovered on Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Provincial Government of Masbate sponsored a Broadway Musical Show for its beloved Masbatenyos. In lieu of a Christmas Party wherein they will enjoy it among themselves, the Province held this activity to give delight and entertainment for its people. So we gladly brought our children with us for them to witness this show, which was free of charge. They surely enjoyed it, most especially with the surprise that... Tadahhh!!! Their own dad was a performer... A star at that. And of course, w... read more »

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