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O meu primeiro Bolo Red Velvet

content discovered on Sunday, January 11, 2015

Preparação: 15 min Cozedura:  25 a 30 min Ingredientes: Para a Massa 2 chávenas e 1/4 de chá de farinha de trigo sem fermento ¼ de chávena de chá de chocolate em pó 8 colheres de sopa de manteiga liquida à temperatura ambiente (usei vaqueiro) 1 chávena e 1/2 de chá de açúcar 3 ovos L à temperatura ambiente 2 colheres de sopa bem cheias de corante líquido vermelho 1 colher de sobremesa de extrato de baunilha 1 chávena de chá de leite à temperatura ambiente 2 colheres de sopa  de vinagre de fruta 1 colhe... read more »


content discovered on Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Kek red velvet seberat 2 kg btk bear dan disalut dengan cream cheese. Kek ditempah oleh bekas rakan sekerja utk harijadi anak buah suaminya. Susah juga nak bentukkan beruang duduk, pd awalnya asyik terbalik je. Bila dah siap dibalut dengan krim, kedudukannya dah stabil. Alhamdulillah dapat tunaikan permintaan si kecik Nur Izzara Husna yg menyambut harijadi ke 2 tahun. read more »


content discovered on Monday, December 02, 2013

Kek-kek yg ditempah oleh Pn Azza dr Bukit Jelutong utk harijadi anak lelaki dan anak perempuannya. Kek harijadi utk anak lelaki adalah kek red velvet dgn hiasan figurine minion. Kek coklat moist dgn hiasan edibleimage Barbie menjadi pilihan utk anak perempuan. read more »


content discovered on Friday, September 20, 2013

Kek Red Velvet +chocolate chips saiz 8" yang ditempah oleh student MSU utk birthday kawannya. Toping guna fresh cream. read more »

Makeup Tutorial: Simple and Classy Makeup (Red ...

content discovered on Monday, July 29, 2013

Hi everyone!I have always been very intimidated by red lipsticks. I usually stay away from buying red lipcolors preferring nudes and pinks. To be honest, it's not just about red lipsticks actually, I don't like bold lip colors because I feel that it makes me look old and grabs too much attention. Now that I'm thinking about it, it all boils down to my personality. I don't like getting attention. I prefer being in the sidelines, cheering and supporting others. Anyway, why am talking about myself here? Oh ... read more »

Las cake balls de Luna Ambar Bakery

content discovered on Friday, March 01, 2013

Pues les contamos que nos trajeron a la redacción, de parte de Luna Ambar Bakery, unas cake balls que estabanbuenísimas; nos dijeron que el relleno era de pastel de red velvet y estaban cubiertas con Royal Icing, la verdad estaban tan buenas que entre todos no dejamos ni una...Les recomendamos que las pruebenbúsquenlosen FB, ellos hacen pasteles de fondant, cupcakes decorados, pasteles de cupcakes, cake balls, cake pops y muchas cosas deliciosas, ah y solo trabajan por pedido lo que les asegura un produc... read more »


content discovered on Sunday, January 27, 2013

Assalamualaikum wbt.Rahmat dr Pantai Dalam menempah kek btk no 1 utk celebrate anaknya yg pertama. Kek coklat moist dan warna pilihan adalah pink. Kek utk basenya saya buatkan saiz 9" x 12" dan ketinggian cuma 1 1/2". Hiasan adalah buttercream dan juga fondant utk bunga dan figurine ladybird dan bees. Kek pilihan kedua Rahmat adalah kek red velvet saiz 8" round. Lollichoc 30 batang dgn edible image ditempah last minute dr Rahmat. Alhamdulillah dpt siapkan dgn sempurna dan Thanks to Rahmat semoga sent... read more »

new year

content discovered on Thursday, January 03, 2013

I had a really great New Years' this year, and Hannah and I managed to wear almost exactly the same thing (red skirts with leather jackets). My jacket was the best Christmas present ever :D and it is Barneys, my red velvet skirt and Minnie tights are from Romwe. I think Hannah's skirt is Topshop, if I remember correctly. Happy New Year! xo,S read more »

The Obsession Continues

content discovered on Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just when I thought I had made everything with red velvet that was under the sun, I thought of another fun way and it is sooo sinfully delicious too. In fact, drinking this is like having a whole cake in one cup.Red velvet cake is a classic dessert. However, sometimes a classic needs a little change. When it's cold outside, this hot chocolate recipe will warm you up and keep that fun red velvet look! Red velvet cake is synonymous with delicious. It's a classic Southern treat that has hit it big in bakeri... read more »

Yes, The Obsession Continues To Live On

content discovered on Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I know I know, the obsession for red velvet continues. Maybe I need some professional help. Naahh. I’ll just continue seeing just how many ways I can make red velvet. This was really fun to make, quick and easy too. Especially with Thanksgiving coming up real soon.Molten Red Velvet Lava CakesOne box of Red Velvet cake mix Powdered sugar (for dusting-optional) Vanilla ice cream Strawberry sauce toppingPreheat oven to 350. Prepare cake mix according to package directions (you'll need 3 eggs, veg. oil and w... read more »

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