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Here’s a Little Taste of What’s to Come

content discovered on Saturday, September 24, 2016 in life in russia, crimea, crimean coastline, crimean referendum, russia, russian vacation

Crimean Coastline near Noviy Svet The wife and I just had a wonderful vacation on the Crimean Coastline, over the next several days I will be posting my thoughts on this wonderful place called Crimea. I also got to talk to many Crimeans that shared with me their thoughts about the referendum. I dont want More Heres a Little Taste of Whats toCome read more »

A Game Of Thrones Actor Just Accused HBO Of Lea...

content discovered on Saturday, September 24, 2016 in tv, alexander siddig, game of thrones

A couple of TV seasons ago, HBO dealt with a huge leak of its popular series, Game of Thrones. The move prompted the network to button up and stop releasing press screeners before the episodes hit the schedule. However, now one Game of Thrones actor has accused the subscription cable network of leaking the episodes Continue reading read more »

Annotation: Why Students Hate It (And How To Fi...

content discovered on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 in annotating, language arts, reader s workshop, secondary education, annotation, education, high school english, teaching

Annotation is a common reading strategy used to promote active reading. Annotation is a skill that helps students comprehend what they are reading and leaves a trail of bread crumbs for students to follow if they have to respond to the text in writing. Ideally, it will help students make meaning of what they [] The post Annotation: Why Students Hate It (And How To Fix It) appeared first on David Rickert. read more »

"But he hasn't got anything on at all"

content discovered on Saturday, September 24, 2016

As I frequently say I am in the business of questioning assumptions and I don’t think there should be things that cannot be said. This must be said. So let it be said. At some point in the past fifty years or so someone decided that there was a thing called gender that differed from biological sex. From this all sorts of unlikely thinking has arisen. As with everything else it is necessary to go back to first principles and question everything. In the 1940s John Steinbeck wrote his novel East of Eden... read more »

Earth's Care Natural Wellness Cares for You and...

content discovered on Friday, September 23, 2016

Many times before I have referenced the fact that I am notorious for my constant companion, my BFF, my lifeline, me BAE, my Mommy Bag. Within the confines of my magical Mommy bag, I maintain a supply of anything and everything that I will need to keep my kids and myself, up and running. Likewise, at home I have a little bag of tricks to maintain wellness in our home. Crunchy Mommy-approved, I have a few new tried-and-true products that my family has already put to good use, often, very often. Thank you ... read more »

Franchise Weekend – Resident Evil: Degeneration...

Director: Makoto Kamiya Writer: Shotaro Suga (Screenplay) Starring: (Voice Talents) Paul Mercier, Alyson Court, Laura Bailey, Roger Craig Smith, Crispin Freeman, Michelle Ruff, Michael Sorich, Salli Saffioti, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn   Plot: A warrior seeking revenge unleashes a deadly virus Continue reading read more »

Life After Coffee by Virginia Franken - #review

content discovered on Thursday, September 22, 2016

When globe-trottingcoffee buyer, Amy O’Hara,assures her husband—who stays at home to watch the kids—that it is He Who Has it Harder… she doesn’t really believe it. That is, until the day she gets laid off, her husband decides to devote all his waking hours to writing a screenplay, and she discovers she’s actually the world’s most incompetent mother.Amy’sonly possible salvation is to find another high-flying job as quickly as possible, but with the coffee industry imploding around her—and the competing bu... read more »

Shady Maple - Lancaster, PA

content discovered on Saturday, September 24, 2016

We don't go to Shady Maple Smorgasbord as often as we used to. Not because it is not as good as it was, but because our trips to that area have been in the middle of tourist season. I cannot fault a buffet for the people who dine there, but when the tourists descend on Shady Maple, it can be overwhelming. And the problem is so many who have not been there before who are there are overwhelmed. We read more »

My Top 10 Must-See Korean Movies.

content discovered on Sunday, September 25, 2016

So you've seen the much talked about zombie apocalypse thriller Train to Busan, cried buckets over the hit melodrama Miracle in Cell No. 7, and perhaps ended up watching The Flu because this 2013 disaster film kept popping on your Facebook timeline.Now, your interest in Korean cinema has gone beyond curiosity. You've actually stumbled upon a whole new world of theatrics, and you're ready to get hooked to this awesomeness that is Korean movies. Allow me to help you, and let this list - arranged in no part... read more »

BobbyBox: Casual Korean Food

content discovered on Saturday, September 24, 2016

Oh I miss Eastwood with this late post. I had a quick midnight dinner from Bobby Box. The interior designs has an industrial feel with the upgraded container van look. read more »

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