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content discovered on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 in board of directors, committees, task force, however, brilliant

You are perhaps aware that in recent times most of the decisions in any large organisation are usually taken by a group of people (e.g., Board of Directors, Committees, Task-force, etc.) rather than by a single individual manager, however, brilliant, bright or powerful the manager may be. Perhaps from your own experience, you are also aware of some of the obvious advantages and disadvantages of read more »

Better Than Booze and Pills??

I was having a particularly rough day when a song that I love but hadn't heard in years came up in the shuffle. Regardlessof how you feel about the song, listen to me about the outcome of what it inspired me to do; I decidedto stop everything I was doing and try a very simple exercise I had read about in an articlebyDr. Robin BerzinArticle'A Simple Breathing Exercise to Calm Your Mind Body' Yes, it seems obvious, but not all breaths are created equal. A great, simple breathing exercise for calming b... read more »

Museums to Visit on Long Island, New York

content discovered on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 in aquarium, kids, museum, nassau, rainy day, suffolk, things to do

Long Island Museum GuideNassau County Long Island Children's Museum Located on Nassau County's Museum Row at 11 Davis Ave and Charles Lindbergh Blvd Garden City, New York 11731. Directly behind the Nassau Coliseum. Cradle of Aviation Museum Part of Nassau County's Museum Row and is located on Charles Lindbergh Blvd. in East Garden City next to Nassau Community College. Nassau County Fire Fires Museumone Davis Ave, andCharles Lindbergh Blvd.Garden City, NY 11530 Suffolk County Long Island Museum of Art,... read more »


content discovered on Thursday, May 25, 2017

I held off writing this for a few days because I wasn’t sure I could (or even should), and because I didn’t want it to be a knee-jerk reaction to what happened in Manchester. But over the last twenty four hours and more, I’ve seen a lot of television coverage, listened to many radio news reports and read even more online commentary, and everyone seems to have an opinion and so I felt I should chime in, if only to clarify how I feel for myself. My immediate response is, of course, to wonder about the in... read more »

The End of the First Week In Cheviot

content discovered on Friday, May 26, 2017

Today we will wrap up the first week from the Cheviot Classic Car Show with some of the oldest cars that were on display. They range from an old Chevy pick-up, some Ford Model A gems, a 1928 Chevrolet coupe, a 1934 Chevy distance racer, and even a Ford V8. read more »

Cyndi Crotts to be at MegaCon for film screenin...

content discovered on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Here it is the Official MegaCon posting for this Friday May 26th!! Everyone that is attending MegaCon has FREE ADMISSION to the film screening event! Make sure to come out and meet and greet with me an the others from the award winning film "CREEPY CRAWLY" in Room N319.Looking forward to seeing all the fans!!! MegaCon Tickets - read more »

TODAY, THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2017 IS ... Wine Day! ...

content discovered on Friday, May 26, 2017

via Instagram read more »

Changing the conventions of Scottish politics

content discovered on Saturday, May 20, 2017

British politics is about conventions. One of the most important of these is the one about a political manifesto. Few of us read manifestos. But this is not really their point. A party does write a manifesto to persuade people to vote for it. How many voters read manifestos? Rather a party uses the manifesto to justify what it hopes to do in the future. This is really why we are having a General Election at the moment. There is a convention that if something is in a party’s manifesto, then the House of L... read more »

Update on digital banking

content discovered on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

So, lots of good news in the past 24 hours.I spoke to the bank that was leaking their source code. They're now investigating fixing things up. That's good news.Second, the "how do you fix mobile banking" article has accomplished what it set out to do, and lots more. My original intent was kick-start a conversation on the mobile banking problem in Canada. I've was told by sources last night that two conversations within Scotiabank happened yesterday, one at the executive level on King Street, and one lowe... read more »

National Wine Day- May 25th 2017

content discovered on Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hi Foodies, today May 25th is National Wine day, let us drink a glass or 2 to celebrate this glorious day :-)It is also a dayis a day toreminisce with family and friends over a glass of wine” and to sample a wine variety you have never had before. Five fun factsThe longest recorded champagne cork flight was 177 feet and 9 inches, four feet from level ground at Woodbury Vineyards in New York State.Thomas Jefferson helped stock the wine cellars of the first five U.S. presidents and was very partial to fin... read more »

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