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content discovered on Thursday, November 23, 2017 in blessings, forgiving, gratitude, life, love, negative into positive, thankful, thanksgiving, wisdom

Greetings everyone! ♥I'm grateful for so many things,For all the joys that life brings.But I'm grateful too for lessons learnedThrough those by whom I've been burned.The good in life can't be appreciatedWithout having the bad well illustrated.So when my blessings I do count,I do include in this vast amountAll those who have done me wrongsTo cherish more those with whom my Love belongs."For all those in our lives who've taught us the hardest lessons well,We must be grateful for and forgiving of for peace ... read more »

Game On! Screen-Free Games and Activities for F...

content discovered on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sometimes youll win, sometimes youll lose! Especially when Im playing the game- sorry! Game days are without a doubt some of the most hilarious moments in our home. We can take a simple game of Solitaire into a hysterical scene with the addition of our own house rules. Enjoying quality time together as a family playing both competitive and non-competitive games make for sensational memories. Our collection of games and activities is continually growing, whats most important is the time spent bonding with... read more »

Two container-ships, Lamma Channel

content discovered on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 in channel, garden, hong kong, ships, style

Two container-ships were sailing at East Lamma Channel and passing near by the Garden of South Horizons, South Island District, Hong Kong. read more »

Monday Morning Motivation: Iron to the Core

Decorated long-distance triathlete Sebastian Kienle gives an inside look at what it takes to be an Ironman. From preparation to race day, its a life spent enduring gruelling trials, but every small success makes the arduous journey worth it. Iron to the Core video IRONMAN World Champion! The man in the focus right now! SEBASTIAN: [] read more »

Red Rose

content discovered on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Red Rose, 2017 acrylic paint on canvas board 9" x 12" (22.8 cm x 30.5 cm) 201711119 © copyright Michael Kraus For more information, please visit: We are excited about the $100 and Under Exhibition at: Whitman Works Company 1826 Penfield Rd, Penfield, NY 14526 (585) 747-9999 It's the perfect place to find unique and handmade gifts at affordable prices. You'll find paintings, prints, s... read more »


content discovered on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 in general, life, life life poems

And so of weakness I must say it comes and goes most every day and implants the thought into my mind that soon it will not go away. But how to banish thoughts from mind has puzzled me this life because no matter what befalls thoughts sleep then come alive. I know each page must be turned before the story can unfurl but the words upon the page before into my mind have been burned. But I turn the pages one by one for soon I’ll know there’s only love that can and will write new lines for w... read more »

Thanksgiving Fun!

Place HoldersLast Saturday, I had a little craft day with my friend's granddaughter, Chloe. I will show you at the end of this post what we made. We had a lot of fun but my friends, Anna and Lynne both contracted me to make them these place holders for their Thanksgiving dinner. The total was 26 for both of their families and I just finished them this morning! It is a box with a card which I will post the video instructions below. I showed them this birthday box in a card and they were thrilled that I wo... read more »

Birthday Panda

content discovered on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

This week I mailed off a Birthday card to someone I thought would love this little Panda Bear! I just bought the die by Marianne Designs. It can also make into a little Brown bear. I think it is just adorable. You can make it stand up or sit down. How cute! This is a Tri Fold card but it still closes up and can be mailed. I just love this little guy! I didn't decorate the back much but it has plenty of room if you want to add more to it! Today I have been making my Lemon Icebox cake and Corn Scallop ... read more »

What can a Black Moor, Our Mona and the very Ad...

content discovered on Friday, November 17, 2017

Playwright Mona R. Washington Mona R. Washington most recent play, "Lacunae" will be performed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Perelman Building , 2525 Pennsylvania Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130, December 9th at noon. This is a pay what you want event. This commissioned play is part of the "Philadelphia Assembled" project which is the first public art project ever undertaken by thePhiladelphia Museum of Art. Washington is the featured playwright. Her 'atmosphere', which is the way the project is orga... read more »

Just start

content discovered on Monday, November 20, 2017

I think it was Woody Allen who said, "Eighty percent of success is just showing up." Good thought since most people who need legal help think they're so unqualified that they can't even help themselves.Take, for example, the lady who came into my law library the other day. Seems she lives next to a house and they share a common driveway. In fact, she and he both have a common easement. For those that don't know, anEASEMENT is a right to cross or otherwise use someone else's land for a specified purpose. ... read more »

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