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A Hip Replaced (Warning: contains cheeky bum sh...

content discovered on Monday, November 20, 2017

The new hip is in.But my hands are killing. Each lean on the crutches, and my palms hurt. They hurt a lot. Butthe positives were feltimmediately after the op. There was no hip pain at all; just some slight discomfort with my super-sized wound and my thigh muscles. And I had a room of my own. The Procrastinating Artist surpassed himself with the attention and care he gave. I was elated. It was only when whatever it was that was injected in my back, wore off, that trouble started. The knee and thi... read more »

Unknown Stress

content discovered on Thursday, November 16, 2017

While complying one task after the other, I was brought back to my memory lane. Those days that I am still young, carefree and happy. Oops am not saying that things have been changing differently these days. But when I tried to look back to my younger years, those years are indeed full of vigor, energy and enthusiasm! I may have known stress but not that much. As of now, I am happy because I've got three adorable kids who completed my day. But then I have this unnecessary worries that keeps on bugging ... read more »

7 Things I Can No Longer...

content discovered on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

This came a little bit early. But I expected it somehow. But this will be first and perhaps the last time I am going to write about you here. Thank you for over 1000 days of being together. I do not know what to say but these are the things I am feeling in the last few weeks. These are the things I can no longer do. 1. See you with enthusiasm Yes. You were right in the last few months, I see you more as a very good friend. A confidant. However, I saw that as part of the process. A downturn before a pos... read more »

Silk Ribbon Embroidery

content discovered on Sunday, November 19, 2017 in kacoonda, silk ribbons


Glasses Pouch with Silk Ribbon Flowers

content discovered on Monday, November 20, 2017

WEEKLY HANDMADE GIFT CHALLENGE Week 3 Silk Ribbon Embroidered Glass Pouch Week 3 of the challenge.Glass Pouch Embroidered with Silk Ribbon Flowers For guidance and tutorials go to the Loop Flower TutorialThis is based on the Free Design "Lemon Blossom" Larger Flowers are Loop Flower in Kacoonda 7 mm 010Pure Silk Ribbon. Smaller Ribbon Stitch Flowers in Blue with soft green Ribbon StitchLeaves. Larger Leaves from Loop Flower in Soft Green 7 mm. Addition of Beads from TOHO Seed Bead Mix - Hime... read more »

Celebrate Small Business Saturday 2017 With Cak...

content discovered on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 in entrepreneurship, black cake, fruit cake, jamaican rum cake

Small Business Saturday 2017 will be celebrated on Saturday, November 25, 2017. Why not  celebrate this year by ordering a Jamaican rum fruit cake from Cakes by Michele! Small Business Saturday 2017 The first-ever The post Celebrate Small Business Saturday 2017 With Cakes By Michele appeared first on Concierge Librarian. read more »

Moving On by Carlisse Sanders

content discovered on Saturday, November 18, 2017

In about three or four weeks I will be a sophomore in college. It has been a very interesting and very informative journey. Not only because of the classes I am taking, but what I never learned in grade school and high school. New ways of talking and new ways of learning. How to deal with my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren a better way than what I have been doing. God give me the strtength to continue on this journey. Thank all of you for visiting my blog, God bless and keep you strong.thank read more »

Strombecker® Chicago USA Metal 2 Piece Canon an...

content discovered on Saturday, November 18, 2017

This is a miniature METAL figurine of a canon and cart. Canon is removable making this a two piece set. Made by Stombecker® Chicago USA.Measures 1-3/4" tall x 2-3/4" wide x 4-1/2" long.Kathys Animal Figurines on Etsy Thank you for visiting our store, as always. Animal and Bird Figurines, Kitchenware, and Home Decor items as well! read more »

Top of the most isolated places in the world

content discovered on Thursday, November 16, 2017 in tourism and holidays, most isolated places

If you are looking for less crowded destinations and less popular amongst tourists, for the next holiday you can consider visiting some of the most isolated places on earth, read more »

Social Class Prejudice in Nigerian Teacher Comp...

content discovered on Saturday, November 18, 2017

By Farooq A. Kperogi, Ph.D. Twitter: @farooqkperogi The results of the teacher competency test in Kaduna State—and in several Nigerian states in previous years—give literal materiality to Oscar Wilde’s satiric epigram about how “everybody who is incapable of learning has taken to teaching.” The samples Kaduna State governor Nasiru El-Rufai made public on social media may be unrepresentative. They probably merely serve to hyperbolize the egregiousness of the teachers’ incompetence and to win the gov... read more »

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